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  1. Photo of Hal Sutherland

    Hal Sutherland Director

  2. Photo of Robby London

    Robby London Screenplay

  3. Photo of Barry O'Brien

    Barry O'Brien Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dennis O'Flaherty

    Dennis O'Flaherty Screenplay

  5. Photo of Carlo Collodi

    Carlo Collodi Screenplay

  6. Photo of Scott Grimes

    Scott Grimes Voice

  7. Photo of Don Knotts

    Don Knotts Voice

  8. Photo of Edward Asner

    Edward Asner Voice

  9. Photo of Tom Bosley

    Tom Bosley Voice

  10. Photo of Jonathan Harris

    Jonathan Harris Voice

  11. Photo of Rickie Lee Jones

    Rickie Lee Jones Voice

  12. Photo of William Windom

    William Windom Voice

  13. Photo of James Earl Jones

    James Earl Jones Voice

  14. Photo of Frank Welker

    Frank Welker Voice

  15. Photo of Lana Beeson

    Lana Beeson Voice

  16. Photo of Linda Gray

    Linda Gray Voice

  17. Photo of F.T. Ziegler

    F.T. Ziegler Cinematography

  18. Photo of Anthony Marinelli

    Anthony Marinelli Music

  19. Photo of Brian Banks

    Brian Banks Music

  20. Photo of Steve Tyrell

    Steve Tyrell Music

  21. Photo of Barry Mann

    Barry Mann Music

  22. Photo of Will Jennings

    Will Jennings Music

  23. Photo of John Grusd

    John Grusd Production Design

  24. Photo of Victoria A. Brooks

    Victoria A. Brooks Production Design

  25. Photo of Lou Scheimer

    Lou Scheimer Producer

  26. Photo of Jeffery Patch

    Jeffery Patch Editing

  27. Photo of Rick Gehr

    Rick Gehr Editing

  28. Photo of Steve Burger

    Steve Burger Sound

  29. Photo of Bill Kean

    Bill Kean Sound

  30. Photo of Hector Gika

    Hector Gika Sound

  31. Photo of Charles Rychwalski

    Charles Rychwalski Sound

  32. Photo of John Celestri

    John Celestri Animation

  33. Photo of Chuck Harvey

    Chuck Harvey Animation

  34. Photo of Kamoon Song

    Kamoon Song Animation

  35. Photo of Will Finn

    Will Finn Animation

  36. Photo of Eduardo Olivares

    Eduardo Olivares Animation

  37. Photo of Robert Alvarez

    Robert Alvarez Animation

  38. Photo of Tom Sito

    Tom Sito Animation

  39. Photo of Bruce W. Smith

    Bruce W. Smith Animation

  40. Photo of Ruth Kissane

    Ruth Kissane Animation

  41. Photo of Lennie K. Graves

    Lennie K. Graves Animation