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  1. Photo of Arild Fröhlich

    Arild Fröhlich Director

  2. Photo of Endre Lund Eriksen

    Endre Lund Eriksen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Petrus A. Christensen

    Petrus A. Christensen Cast

  4. Photo of Jørgen Foss

    Jørgen Foss Cast

  5. Photo of Atle Antonsen

    Atle Antonsen Cast

  6. Photo of Kristin Skogheim

    Kristin Skogheim Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Lindahl Haug

    Robert Lindahl Haug Cast

  8. Photo of Charlotte Brode

    Charlotte Brode Cast

  9. Photo of Vetle Næss

    Vetle Næss Cast

  10. Photo of Trond Høines

    Trond Høines Cinematography

  11. Photo of Kåre Vestrheim

    Kåre Vestrheim Music

  12. Photo of Jack Van Domburg

    Jack Van Domburg Production Design

  13. Photo of Finn Gjerdrum

    Finn Gjerdrum Producer

  14. Photo of Stein B. Kvae

    Stein B. Kvae Producer

  15. Photo of Torleif Hauge

    Torleif Hauge Producer

  16. Photo of Jim Frazee

    Jim Frazee Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Mads Olsen

    Mads Olsen Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Erik Poppe

    Erik Poppe Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Vidar Flataukan

    Vidar Flataukan Editing

  20. Photo of Peter Clausen

    Peter Clausen Sound

  21. Photo of Hugo Ekornes

    Hugo Ekornes Sound

  22. Photo of Rasmus A. Sivertsen

    Rasmus A. Sivertsen Animation

  23. Photo of Maria Bohlin

    Maria Bohlin Costume Design