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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Leo's rating of the film Plan B

    Such a sweet ending! Great chemistry between the two actors too.

  2. Anne St. Anne's rating of the film Plan B

    Gorgeous. Bliss from beginning to end.

  3. João Estevens's rating of the film Plan B

  4. mpho3's rating of the film Plan B

    Worth its clichés & imperfections, too-long shots & over-stylized realism for the entertaining free-association dialogue, the likeability of its content, and the fact that it 'gets' queer pretty well: the fluidity and changeability of sexual desire, the often fuzzy lines of friendship and lover, as well as the blurry Never Land between the memory of youth and the enactment of adult love. - Sofia Rose Smith, Bluefat

  5. Victor Varela's rating of the film Plan B

    Marco Berger has done an amazing job with this quite art house move. With great spars dialog and natural acting from his team. It's a good movie to swoon over for hour or so!

  6. ramosbarajas's rating of the film Plan B

    Although it is a slow-moving film, it is overall a great film. The performances are perfect, and that includes all of the supporting actors. I found the long takes to be well made and they enhanced the viewing, at least for me. It takes a lot of skill, and I felt they were spot on, especially in regards to the actors. That said, sheer slowness can turn off some viewers, but I felt it created a great mood.

  7. Luiz Nascimento's rating of the film Plan B