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  1. Photo of Mario Bava

    Mario Bava Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Samuel Z. Arkoff

    Samuel Z. Arkoff Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Fulvio Lucisano

    Fulvio Lucisano Producer

  4. Photo of Salvatore Billitteri

    Salvatore Billitteri Producer

  5. Photo of James H. Nicholson

    James H. Nicholson Producer

  6. Photo of Renato Pestriniero

    Renato Pestriniero Screenplay

  7. Photo of Alberto Bevilacqua

    Alberto Bevilacqua Screenplay

  8. Photo of Callisto Cosulich

    Callisto Cosulich Screenplay

  9. Photo of Antonio Pérez Olea

    Antonio Pérez Olea Cinematography

  10. Photo of Antonio Rinaldi

    Antonio Rinaldi Cinematography

  11. Photo of Barry Sullivan

    Barry Sullivan Cast

  12. Photo of Norma Bengell

    Norma Bengell Cast

  13. Photo of Ángel Aranda

    Ángel Aranda Cast

  14. Photo of Evi Marandi

    Evi Marandi Cast

  15. Photo of Stelio Candelli

    Stelio Candelli Cast

  16. Photo of Franco Andrei

    Franco Andrei Cast

  17. Photo of Romana Fortini

    Romana Fortini Editing

  18. Photo of Antonio Gimeno

    Antonio Gimeno Editing

  19. Photo of Gino Marinuzzi Jr.

    Gino Marinuzzi Jr. Music

  20. Photo of Eugenio Fiori

    Eugenio Fiori Sound

  21. Photo of Gabriele Mayer

    Gabriele Mayer Costume Design

  22. Photo of Ivan Rassimov

    Ivan Rassimov Cast