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  1. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film Play

    Experimental short film. "Unlike a lecture or a seminar where the ideas are communicated verbally (though there was a fair amount of talking and explanation, far more than there would ever be in the studio) this event was an act of making…not so much a show as a musical dialogue, amplified and even clarified (to my surprise) by being watched." Sally Potter.

  2. Vinod Pillai's rating of the film Play

    Beautifully unnecessary, or the other way around. Either way.

  3. Stefano Luzzatto's rating of the film Play

  4. Buddy Love's rating of the film Play

    What kind of parents let their children play in the streets? And what kind of sanitation engineers do they have working there?

  5. m8a's rating of the film Play

  6. msmichel's rating of the film Play

    Early Potter capturing a creepy justaxposition between colour and black and white of the playfulness and curiosity of children. Eerie guitar score by Fred Frith arranged by Ms. Potter.

  7. anabelle's rating of the film Play

    I felt a sense of Sally experimenting with the nature of time and using film as a means and method to record that. Not only in a linear way but also in a way that a Cubist painter would try and depict something beyond the traditional 2 dimensional aspect of the canvas. Childhood is a period where we least feel the effects of time passing. I think she is looking at challenging what can be held within & out of a frame.

  8. Enriqe Pizarro's rating of the film Play

  9. susuwatari's rating of the film Play

    Perhaps some brush this short film off as mere film student exercise, but it's play with perception through the contrasts of a split screen, color, and a hard camera angle evoke to me the palpable curiosity of the director herself, unleashing my own. So it lacks explicit "point" but to make one in five minutes is better known as a commercial. This film disorients in the hopes of reinvigorating our eyes.

  10. Les Soos's rating of the film Play

    creepy - oddly enough the sidewalk became a character - as important as the kids - 5min well spent.

  11. Jamie Mattick's rating of the film Play

    I don't want to gve this a star provoked a reacton within me, but I'm not sure what it is yet. I feel the use of the sound was the most important factor for me, I loved how it worked with the looped images.

  12. GUTTERGARNISH's rating of the film Play

  13. Daniela's rating of the film Play

    It gets old watching it after about one minute . . .

  14. Ugane's rating of the film Play

  15. Andrés Pff's rating of the film Play

    i like it very much when filmmakers actually have fun doing what they love. and play with their instruments, and make it a game.

  16. Eduardo A.'s rating of the film Play

    It has a psychadelia flavor that reminds me of Pink Floyd's early years with Syd Barrett. Very intense. Very experimental. And very, very vague. In my view, this is just an image play, just a draft, an exercise, an attempt to develop some kind of concept. And because there is no other goal but to try out some ideas, it should not be looked at as an intelectual/artistic perspective. But what do I know?

  17. Felix Millan's rating of the film Play

    I think there is a lot to say about this short, it's very experimental, yet so simple, the use of two cameras, side by side, one in color and one in black and white is intriguing. The thing that struck me was how the camera on the right side was not parallel to the camera on the left, it is at a slight tilt, interesting way to use an imperfection.

  18. PolarisDiB's rating of the film Play

    The playing on the sidewalk between the screens was interesting but the color image has more light, so I found my eye was drawn to it more often; plus the kids seemed to tend to stay on that side more often, or at least Potter cut it that way. The music was good but a strange fit--I think this film really is at its most engaging when the kids are watching US.

  19. Jye Sherwell's rating of the film Play

    We're watching these children play while listeing to music reminiscent of the score from "The Village"!!!!!! Yeah, 2/5 Pretty pointless if you ask me. Might make a good theatre experience though, having the two projections.

  20. RONALD PABON's rating of the film Play

  21. Jose Sarmiento Hinojosa's rating of the film Play

    Marvelous in its tenderness and experimentalism. Fred Firth soundtrack is out of this world.

  22. MR. E. COOPER's rating of the film Play

    Me hubiese encantado ver la proyección original en 1970. Débió ser una muy bonita experiencia cinera.