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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Play

  2. Hodek Van Mealstrom's rating of the film Play

    This film makes you feel uncomfortable. Nobody notice how the kids were being robbed. And when someone finally notice something "bad", you are the only knowing that there is nothing bad either.

  3. Pango's rating of the film Play

    Extremely clever and original filmmaking.The almost documentaristi style from the distance creates this feeling of voyerism that makes the audience feeling helpless. It makes you wonder what would you do in if you witness these sort of things on a tram. Ruben Östlund is one of the more intelligent filmmakers working today. The all controversy that this film is racism is beyond ridiculous and so superficial.

  4. Blue Roses's rating of the film Play

  5. RodrigoPereira's rating of the film Play

    How technique is able to convey emotion, or rather how it submerges one in them

  6. Alexandra Mayboroda's rating of the film Play

    great exploration of political correctness

  7. Shōten's rating of the film Play

  8. tyb's rating of the film Play

    Deeply uncomfortable in just the right way. The CCTV-like camera and the hyperrealistic acting and dialogue brings the cold and cruel world of teenagers where no adult can or will help vividly alive. Östlund's obsession with tense and awkward public transport altercations is fascinating.

  9. Mariana's rating of the film Play

    and besides the story: nobody seemed to be acting! great performances filmed. I found the introductory curtains where nothing happens os slowly strat happening, really helpful in letting you in the new set.

  10. Anthony Dewar's rating of the film Play

    The film is especially effective because the subjects are teenagers. I thought that the cinematography was very effective and played an important role in establishing the overall dreary and independent feel of the film. I believe that Ostlund made the film for people to interpret cultural stigmas and divides using a controversial scenario of racial and class driven juvenile crime.

  11. rociof's rating of the film Play

    Capitalismo, racismo, pobreza, maldad e inocencia. Mezcla utilitaria y fotografía exigente. Aquí nadie gana, es un círculo vicioso.

  12. Kamazotz's rating of the film Play

    First I thought it'll be boring, but then made me thought that every country has ther difficulties.

  13. Jocelyn Leyva's rating of the film Play

    Made me feel and think a lot. That's enough for me.

  14. Sebastian's rating of the film Play

  15. Elephants Gerald's rating of the film Play

    Östlund loves modulating your comfort levels. Given Sweden's xenophobia, this movie – about devious, cruel little black children victimizing white children – seems clearly racist. But what Östlund keeps throwing into the mix makes it increasingly more complicated than that. Add in the unremitting stare of the detached, long takes, and the movie ends up forcing you to look at your own uncomfortable notions about race.

  16. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Play

    A nerve-wracking story of social intimidation, the interpersonal and social pressure in polite society to acquiesce rather than resist aggression, the difficulty in finding the right response to breaches of public behavior, and the power that can be effected over those who are afraid of not being nice. The coda, which plays out a circumstance where some people do feel safe

  17. Carl G.'s rating of the film Play

    very good take on portraying 'swedish cowardice'. the simplicity of 'The Conversation'-like dialogue in a distance, framed in static takes make the film quite immersing.

  18. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Play

    Review and rating:

  19. ConallVision's rating of the film Play

    The film is shortlisted for the Lux Prize. if there was only some way I could watch it.

  20. Simon So's rating of the film Play

    nothing is the best thing

  21. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Play

    Brave, bold, and powerful. Nobody in the United States would dare make a film like this. Complex, clever, and multi-layered. Hints of Gus Van Sant (Elephant) and Michael Haneke (Benny's Video). One of the best films of the year.

  22. saiths's rating of the film Play

    as far as the whole bullying theme went, it was done terribly. this film depicts kids going on a wild goose chase to literally nowhere. i would say the camera work was well done but even that was horrible. the lingering after shots were a bore and probably would have cut this movie in half. if anything the movie makes you ask yourself why you wasted 124 minutes watching it.

  23. etblikk's rating of the film Play

    Så den for fjerde gang nå i jula. Blir bare bedre. Beste filmen fra 2012 uten tvil!

  24. David Slotema's rating of the film Play

    The camera work reminded me a lot of that in the movies of Roy Andersson, and here too it served the purpose well. The static frames made you feel helpless and cowardly, as were all the bystanders in the movie of whom no-one interfered with the portrayed bullies and their victims. Which of course happens all the time in real life. This movies makes you ask questions about yourself, and only truly great movies do that

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