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  1. I.Camera's rating of the film Play

    A provocative movie aimed at wealthy liberal consciences, a children's matinee 'Funny Games' perhaps. Three children are bullied by several older black boys, who play power games relying on the natural inclination of the upper class children to play by the rules. The acting is commendably naturalistic, but Ostlund's satire is very obvious, rammed home even more by a pointless interlude involving a cradle on a train.

  2. Renton47's rating of the film Play

    The thing that’s impressive in Östlund’s films is the way he captures so seamlessly the ‘social’ experience - we see only as if we were a bystander which is essential to his motive of complicity. This provocation also keeps us at remove, his methods especially brutal without the humour of his subsequent films. You sense this is dangerous in the wrong hands.

  3. Krish sanghvi's rating of the film Play

    One of the best films I’ve watched on the complexities of social and racial issues!

  4. juan lancho's rating of the film Play

    racismo inmigración niños

  5. Homayoun Hajikhani's rating of the film Play

  6. Sơn Phước's rating of the film Play

    Interesting at first but get bored. Overlong. The only thing impressed me is the camera work.

  7. Jamie Steele's rating of the film Play

    The static camera, the lingering shots and the off-screen space are all used effectively by Ostlund in this compelling drama. Recalling Joachim Lafosse's films, the almost-photographic stillness of the camera seems to resonate with a new crop of European filmmakers. The depiction of the young bullies is limited and requires more nuance and development - requiring a problematic questioning of race/ immigration.

  8. George Bradley's rating of the film Play

  9. Omnibus1's rating of the film Play

  10. Superfrog's rating of the film Play

    Every stereotype, check. Manages to be shallow in analysis and disappointing social interaction. And the characters are so weak and unoriginal as to make the whole piece a drag. Maybe Sweden is an individualist hellhole, but I can't think of a single place where a tram driver lets his tram be broken up and a kid beaten up without calling police and an ambulance. Nobody else does either.

  11. mis marg's rating of the film Play

  12. tomfdzv's rating of the film Play

    Amazingly shot, Ruben Östlund is the master on making people feel nervous and useless, at least that's how I felt. The long shots are beautiful and stillness of it is great to keep the tension.

  13. tinderness's rating of the film Play

    Ein sehr aufregender und wichtiger Film, der gegen den Strich der Politischen Correctness gebürstet ist. Bullying, Raub, Gewalt in einem städtischen Alltag, wo sich kaum jemand und wenn, dann nur zögerlich einmischt. Brilliante Kameraführung und ein Pseudodokumentarischer Stil, der vollends aufgeht. Kindheit hat kaum Unschuld sondern probiert die Machtspiele und Brutalität des Erwachsenseins aus. Eine fatale Welt!

  14. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Play

    Uses similar detached camera techniques to Involuntary but this time Östlund's subject is more focused: we are forced into a more problematic and challenging self-appraisal of our responses to the unfolding action. Its controversial reputation is a natural consequence of a film-making process where we cannot avoid projecting onto the content our own assumptions, biases and fears - and perhaps not liking what we find.

  15. Gonzelush Thompson's rating of the film Play

    The more i watch mister Ostlund, the more i like his cinema. Mai am două bombe de privit și-s gata de un este despre domnul Ruben - maestrul penibilului.

  16. Hayley&Colin's rating of the film Play

  17. S's rating of the film Play

    Really interesting and disturbing, all the more so for being a true story, or at least based on one. I just wish there had been some indication of what happened to the bullies in the end when/if the police caught up with them. Will certainly make me think next time I get on a tram in Gothenburg!

  18. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Play

    Director Ruben Östlund delivers yet another superb, interesting, film - this time it shows a group of bullies/thieves and how much time they spend working on their victims, from start to finish, without remorse. Uncomfortable, thought-provoking, and brilliant, as expected from Östlund.

  19. Shane Ewen's rating of the film Play

    Wonderfully uncomfortable watching, slightly tarnished by a delay on the subtitles. Farcical moments lighten the mood. I'd have won that race.

  20. Hodek Van Mealstrom's rating of the film Play

    This film makes you feel uncomfortable. Nobody notice how the kids were being robbed. And when someone finally notice something "bad", you are the only knowing that there is nothing bad either.

  21. Pango's rating of the film Play

    Extremely clever and original filmmaking.The almost documentaristi style from the distance creates this feeling of voyerism that makes the audience feeling helpless. It makes you wonder what would you do in if you witness these sort of things on a tram. Ruben Östlund is one of the more intelligent filmmakers working today. The all controversy that this film is racism is beyond ridiculous and so superficial.

  22. Blue Roses's rating of the film Play

  23. RodrigoPereira's rating of the film Play

    How technique is able to convey emotion, or rather how it submerges one in them

  24. ardna's rating of the film Play

    great exploration of political correctness

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