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  1. Photo of Sean Stanek

    Sean Stanek Screenplay, Cinematography Director

  2. Photo of Vinnie Jones

    Vinnie Jones Cast

  3. Photo of Val Kilmer

    Val Kilmer Cast

  4. Photo of Gabriel Byrne

    Gabriel Byrne Cast

  5. Photo of Bruno Kirby

    Bruno Kirby Cast

  6. Photo of Anthony LaPaglia

    Anthony LaPaglia Cast

  7. Photo of Adam Fogerty

    Adam Fogerty Cast

  8. Photo of George Berg

    George Berg Cast

  9. Photo of Andy Nyman

    Andy Nyman Cast

  10. Photo of Meredith Ostrom

    Meredith Ostrom Cast

  11. Photo of Joanne Whalley

    Joanne Whalley Cast

  12. Photo of Patrick Bergin

    Patrick Bergin Cast

  13. Photo of Patsy Kensit

    Patsy Kensit Cast

  14. Photo of Trevor Nugent

    Trevor Nugent Cast

  15. Photo of Sean Power

    Sean Power Cast

  16. Photo of Nigel Mead

    Nigel Mead Cast

  17. Photo of Sile Bermingham

    Sile Bermingham Cast

  18. Photo of Steve Jones

    Steve Jones Cast

  19. Photo of Roy Dotrice

    Roy Dotrice Cast

  20. Photo of Aaron Gallagher

    Aaron Gallagher Cast

  21. Photo of Marc Siciliani

    Marc Siciliani Cast

  22. Photo of Luca Palanca

    Luca Palanca Cast

  23. Photo of Michael Pavlisan

    Michael Pavlisan Cinematography

  24. Photo of Danny Saber

    Danny Saber Music

  25. Photo of Mick Rossi

    Mick Rossi Producer, Screenplay Cast

  26. Photo of Nick Simunek

    Nick Simunek Producer and Cast

  27. Photo of Caspar von Winterfeldt

    Caspar von Winterfeldt Producer

  28. Photo of John Daly

    John Daly Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Matthew Booth

    Matthew Booth Editing

  30. Photo of Jonathan Brayley

    Jonathan Brayley Editing

  31. Photo of Tom McGah

    Tom McGah Editing

  32. Photo of Benjamin Pollack

    Benjamin Pollack Editing