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  1. Photo of Horace Ové

    Horace Ové Director

  2. Photo of Caryl Phillips

    Caryl Phillips Screenplay

  3. Photo of Norman Beaton

    Norman Beaton Cast

  4. Photo of Robert Urquhart

    Robert Urquhart Cast

  5. Photo of Helen Lindsay

    Helen Lindsay Cast

  6. Photo of Nicholas Farrell

    Nicholas Farrell Cast

  7. Photo of Brian Bovell

    Brian Bovell Cast

  8. Photo of Gary Beadle

    Gary Beadle Cast

  9. Photo of Suzette Llewellyn

    Suzette Llewellyn Cast

  10. Photo of Trevor Thomas

    Trevor Thomas Cast

  11. Photo of Stefan Kalipha

    Stefan Kalipha Cast

  12. Photo of Bruce Purchase

    Bruce Purchase Cast

  13. Photo of Joseph Marcell

    Joseph Marcell Cast

  14. Photo of Sheila Ruskin

    Sheila Ruskin Cast

  15. Photo of Mark Barratt

    Mark Barratt Cast

  16. Photo of Valerie Buchanan

    Valerie Buchanan Cast

  17. Photo of Jim Findley

    Jim Findley Cast

  18. Photo of Julian Granger

    Julian Granger Cast

  19. Photo of Ram John Holder

    Ram John Holder Cast

  20. Photo of Patrick Holt

    Patrick Holt Cast

  21. Photo of Elizabeth Anson

    Elizabeth Anson Cast

  22. Photo of Juliet Waley

    Juliet Waley Cast

  23. Photo of Ross Kemp

    Ross Kemp Cast

  24. Photo of Gareth Kirkland

    Gareth Kirkland Cast

  25. Photo of Archie Pool

    Archie Pool Cast

  26. Photo of Errol Shaker

    Errol Shaker Cast

  27. Photo of Femi Taylor

    Femi Taylor Cast

  28. Photo of Larry Dann

    Larry Dann Cast

  29. Photo of Neil Morrissey

    Neil Morrissey Cast

  30. Photo of Charles Pemberton

    Charles Pemberton Cast

  31. Photo of Roddy Maude-Roxby

    Roddy Maude-Roxby Cast

  32. Photo of Zulema Dene

    Zulema Dene Cast

  33. Photo of Nicholas D. Knowland

    Nicholas D. Knowland Cinematography

  34. Photo of Simon Webb

    Simon Webb Music

  35. Photo of Pip Gardner

    Pip Gardner Production Design

  36. Photo of Vijay Amarnani

    Vijay Amarnani Producer

  37. Photo of Brian Skilton

    Brian Skilton Producer

  38. Photo of Christopher Sutton

    Christopher Sutton Producer

  39. Photo of Graham Whitlock

    Graham Whitlock Editing

  40. Photo of Ronald Bailey

    Ronald Bailey Sound

  41. Photo of Stuart De Jong

    Stuart De Jong Sound

  42. Photo of Alan Dykes

    Alan Dykes Sound

  43. Photo of Chris Godden

    Chris Godden Sound

  44. Photo of Christian Wangler

    Christian Wangler Sound

  45. Photo of Alyson Ritchie

    Alyson Ritchie Costume Design