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  1. Renightz's rating of the film Playing

    Jogo de Cena (or Playing, in english) is one of the best documentaries of all-time by one of the best documentary filmmakers of all-time: Eduardo Coutinho, an artist who developed a technique of pure listening. Here, his style reaches its artistic peak, giving him the opportunity to really play with reality and fiction. And, after seeing this movie, you'll probably think that life is, indeed, a play - a narrative.

  2. Patricia Rosendo's rating of the film Playing

    Think that you might be wrong.

  3. Joaopa's rating of the film Playing

    And if it is only with the use of an empty theater, face to face with the interviewed Eduardo Coutinho that makes us think of all this, its direction is the strong point of the film, since he knows how to handle the unexpected, and with the impossibilities emotions in a very sensitive, making room for the unexpected. And turning it into a brilliant film, exciting and arousing.

  4. Renan Lazzarin's rating of the film Playing

    Coutinho dá substância à discussão sobre o limiar entre ficção e realidade a partir de um conceito cuja execução desafia, confunde e emociona.