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  1. Photo of Jacques Tati

    Jacques Tati Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean Badal

    Jean Badal Cinematography

  3. Photo of Andréas Winding

    Andréas Winding Cinematography

  4. Photo of Jacques Lagrange

    Jacques Lagrange Screenplay

  5. Photo of Francis Lemarque

    Francis Lemarque Music

  6. Photo of James Campbell

    James Campbell Music

  7. Photo of Gérard Pollicand

    Gérard Pollicand Editing

  8. Photo of Eugène Roman

    Eugène Roman Production Design

  9. Photo of Jacques Maumont

    Jacques Maumont Sound

  10. Photo of Barbara Dennek

    Barbara Dennek Cast

  11. Photo of Rita Maïden

    Rita Maïden Cast

  12. Photo of France Rumilly

    France Rumilly Cast

  13. Photo of France Delahalle

    France Delahalle Cast

  14. Photo of Valérie Camille

    Valérie Camille Cast

  15. Photo of Erika Dentzler

    Erika Dentzler Cast

  16. Photo of Nicole Ray

    Nicole Ray Cast

  17. Photo of Yvette Ducreux

    Yvette Ducreux Cast

  18. Photo of Bernard Maurice

    Bernard Maurice Producer

  19. Photo of Nathalie Jem

    Nathalie Jem Cast

  20. Photo of Jacqueline Lecomte

    Jacqueline Lecomte Cast

  21. Photo of Olivia Poli

    Olivia Poli Cast

  22. Photo of Alice Field

    Alice Field Cast

  23. Photo of Sophie Wennek

    Sophie Wennek Cast

  24. Photo of Evy Cavallaro

    Evy Cavallaro Cast

  25. Photo of Laure Paillette

    Laure Paillette Cast

  26. Photo of Colette Proust

    Colette Proust Cast

  27. Photo of Luce Bonifassy

    Luce Bonifassy Cast

  28. Photo of Ketty France

    Ketty France Cast

  29. Photo of Eliane Firmin-Didot

    Eliane Firmin-Didot Cast

  30. Photo of Billy Kearns

    Billy Kearns Cast

  31. Photo of Tony Andal

    Tony Andal Cast

  32. Photo of Yves Barsacq

    Yves Barsacq Cast

  33. Photo of André Fouché

    André Fouché Cast

  34. Photo of Georges Montant

    Georges Montant Cast

  35. Photo of Georges Faye

    Georges Faye Cast

  36. Photo of John Abbey

    John Abbey Cast

  37. Photo of Reinhard Kolldehoff

    Reinhard Kolldehoff Cast

  38. Photo of Michel Francini

    Michel Francini Cast

  39. Photo of Grégoire Katz

    Grégoire Katz Cast

  40. Photo of Jack Gauthier

    Jack Gauthier Cast

  41. Photo of Henri Piccoli

    Henri Piccoli Cast

  42. Photo of Léon Doyen

    Léon Doyen Cast

  43. Photo of François Viaur

    François Viaur Cast

  44. Photo of Douglas Read

    Douglas Read Cast

  45. Photo of Bob Harley

    Bob Harley Cast

  46. Photo of Jacques Chauveau

    Jacques Chauveau Cast

  47. Photo of Gilbert Reeb

    Gilbert Reeb Cast

  48. Photo of Marc Monjou

    Marc Monjou Cast

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