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  1. Photo of Roger Graef

    Roger Graef Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Jonathan Miller

    Jonathan Miller Director

  3. Photo of Graham Chapman

    Graham Chapman Screenplay and Self

  4. Photo of Peter Cook

    Peter Cook Screenplay and Self

  5. Photo of Michael Frayn

    Michael Frayn Screenplay

  6. Photo of Barry Humphries

    Barry Humphries Screenplay and Self

  7. Photo of Eric Idle

    Eric Idle Screenplay

  8. Photo of Neil Innes

    Neil Innes Screenplay, Music Self

  9. Photo of Terry Jones

    Terry Jones Screenplay and Self

  10. Photo of Johathan Miller

    Johathan Miller Screenplay

  11. Photo of Michael Palin

    Michael Palin Screenplay and Self

  12. Photo of Alan Bennett

    Alan Bennett Self and Screenplay

  13. Photo of John Bird

    John Bird Self

  14. Photo of Eleanor Bron

    Eleanor Bron Self

  15. Photo of Tim Brooke-Taylor

    Tim Brooke-Taylor Self

  16. Photo of Carol Cleveland

    Carol Cleveland Self

  17. Photo of John Fortune

    John Fortune Self

  18. Photo of Graeme Garden

    Graeme Garden Self

  19. Photo of Terry Gilliam

    Terry Gilliam Self

  20. Photo of Des Jones

    Des Jones Self

  21. Photo of Jonathan Lynn

    Jonathan Lynn Self

  22. Photo of Johantan Miller

    Johantan Miller Self

  23. Photo of Dudley Moore

    Dudley Moore Self

  24. Photo of Steven Shaw

    Steven Shaw Cinematography

  25. Photo of Charles Stewart

    Charles Stewart Cinematography

  26. Photo of Ernest Vincze

    Ernest Vincze Cinematography

  27. Photo of Bill Oddie

    Bill Oddie Music, Self Screenplay

  28. Photo of Peter Luff

    Peter Luff Producer

  29. Photo of David Simpson

    David Simpson Producer

  30. Photo of John Cleese

    John Cleese Producer and Self

  31. Photo of Martin Lewis

    Martin Lewis Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Thomas Schwalm

    Thomas Schwalm Editing

  33. Photo of Iain Bruce

    Iain Bruce Sound

  34. Photo of Ritchie Gold

    Ritchie Gold Sound

  35. Photo of Eoin McCann

    Eoin McCann Sound

  36. Photo of Peter Rann

    Peter Rann Sound