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  1. Photo of Mike Gabriel

    Mike Gabriel Director and Animation

  2. Photo of Eric Goldberg

    Eric Goldberg Director

  3. Photo of James Pentecost

    James Pentecost Producer

  4. Photo of Carl Binder

    Carl Binder Screenplay

  5. Photo of Susannah Grant

    Susannah Grant Screenplay

  6. Photo of Philip LaZebnik

    Philip LaZebnik Screenplay

  7. Photo of Irene Bedard

    Irene Bedard Cast

  8. Photo of Judy Kuhn

    Judy Kuhn Cast

  9. Photo of Mel Gibson

    Mel Gibson Cast

  10. Photo of David Ogden Stiers

    David Ogden Stiers Cast

  11. Photo of John Kassir

    John Kassir Cast

  12. Photo of Russell Means

    Russell Means Cast

  13. Photo of Christian Bale

    Christian Bale Cast

  14. Photo of Linda Hunt

    Linda Hunt Cast

  15. Photo of Danny Mann

    Danny Mann Cast

  16. Photo of Billy Connolly

    Billy Connolly Cast

  17. Photo of Joe Baker

    Joe Baker Cast

  18. Photo of Frank Welker

    Frank Welker Cast

  19. Photo of Michelle St. John

    Michelle St. John Cast

  20. Photo of James Apaumut Fall

    James Apaumut Fall Cast

  21. Photo of Gordon Tootoosis

    Gordon Tootoosis Cast

  22. Photo of H. Lee Peterson

    H. Lee Peterson Editing

  23. Photo of Alan Menken

    Alan Menken Music

  24. Photo of Larry Kemp

    Larry Kemp Sound

  25. Photo of Lon Bender

    Lon Bender Sound

  26. Photo of Kim Waugh

    Kim Waugh Sound

  27. Photo of Tim Allen

    Tim Allen Animation

  28. Photo of Sunny Apinchapong

    Sunny Apinchapong Animation

  29. Photo of Ruben A. Aquino

    Ruben A. Aquino Animation

  30. Photo of Barry Atkinson

    Barry Atkinson Animation

  31. Photo of Tom Bancroft

    Tom Bancroft Animation

  32. Photo of Richard Bazley

    Richard Bazley Animation

  33. Photo of Allison Belliveau

    Allison Belliveau Animation

  34. Photo of Aaron Blaise

    Aaron Blaise Animation

  35. Photo of Travis Blaise

    Travis Blaise Animation

  36. Photo of Geefwee Boedoe

    Geefwee Boedoe Animation

  37. Photo of Rejean Bourdages

    Rejean Bourdages Animation

  38. Photo of Ken Boyer

    Ken Boyer Animation

  39. Photo of Justin Brandstater

    Justin Brandstater Animation

  40. Photo of Robert Bryan

    Robert Bryan Animation

  41. Photo of Chris Buck

    Chris Buck Animation

  42. Photo of Dave Burgess

    Dave Burgess Animation

  43. Photo of Brooks Campbell

    Brooks Campbell Animation

  44. Photo of Thomas Cardone

    Thomas Cardone Animation

  45. Photo of Michael Cedeno

    Michael Cedeno Animation

  46. Photo of Dan Cooper

    Dan Cooper Animation

  47. Photo of Anthony de Rosa

    Anthony de Rosa Animation

  48. Photo of Guy Deel

    Guy Deel Animation

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