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  1. Photo of Rudy Soedjarwo

    Rudy Soedjarwo Director

  2. Photo of Leo Sutanto

    Leo Sutanto Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Elly Yanti Noor

    Elly Yanti Noor Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Monty Tiwa

    Monty Tiwa Screenplay and Editing

  5. Photo of Indra Rachmadi

    Indra Rachmadi Cinematography

  6. Photo of Ivan 'Moony' Nugroho

    Ivan 'Moony' Nugroho Cinematography

  7. Photo of Kiky Sewoyo

    Kiky Sewoyo Cinematography

  8. Photo of Revalina S. Temat

    Revalina S. Temat Cast

  9. Photo of Risty Tagor

    Risty Tagor Cast

  10. Photo of Dwi Sasono

    Dwi Sasono Cast

  11. Photo of Eddie Karsito

    Eddie Karsito Cast

  12. Photo of Fadiptya Hadi

    Fadiptya Hadi Cast

  13. Photo of Henidar Amroe

    Henidar Amroe Cast

  14. Photo of Cindy R. A. Biere

    Cindy R. A. Biere Editing

  15. Photo of Andi Rianto

    Andi Rianto Music

  16. Photo of Dani Sapawie

    Dani Sapawie Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Cindy Christina

    Cindy Christina Producer

  18. Photo of Mitzy Christina

    Mitzy Christina Producer

  19. Photo of Novi Christina

    Novi Christina Producer

  20. Photo of Heru Hendriyarto

    Heru Hendriyarto Producer