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Ratings & Reviews

  1. dave gunn's rating of the film Pod

    Plays like a gorier episode of the X-Files. Not awful, but not great.

  2. Matheus Cassano's rating of the film Pod

    80% of this movie is people screaming at each other.

  3. Palmat's rating of the film Pod

    Very decent horror/thriller which with slender means conjures up a good atmosphere. The acting is on par and the actors do good work bringing the dread and confusion to life. The movie staggers however considerably when the creature is presented and continues to struggle when Fessenden turns up. Still, this movie delivers a tense first and second reel which is more than most movies can muster up these days.

  4. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Pod

    Mickey Keating fine-tunes the promise he showed in Ritual. While that film felt elongated, Pod is economical and simple in plot. It's also tense as hell. Depicting a strained familial dynamic, it's brought to life by its actors, especially Morvant's unhinged performance. I hope Keating goes places; he can be a horror version of Fassbinder in his character-relationship oriented microcosms of humanities dark side.