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  1. Photo of Domiziano Cristopharo

    Domiziano Cristopharo Director, Cinematography

  2. Photo of Simone Barbetti

    Simone Barbetti Director

  3. Photo of Angelo Capasso

    Angelo Capasso Director

  4. Photo of Paolo Fazzini

    Paolo Fazzini Director

  5. Photo of Yumiko Itou

    Yumiko Itou Director

  6. Photo of Matteo Corazza

    Matteo Corazza Director, Producer

  7. Photo of Rosso R. Fiorentino

    Rosso R. Fiorentino Director

  8. Photo of Paolo Gaudio

    Paolo Gaudio Director

  9. Photo of Giuliano Giacomelli

    Giuliano Giacomelli Director

  10. Photo of Alessandro Giordani

    Alessandro Giordani Director

  11. Photo of Giovanni Pianigiani

    Giovanni Pianigiani Director

  12. Photo of Manuela Sica

    Manuela Sica Director

  13. Photo of Nicola Benedet

    Nicola Benedet Producer

  14. Photo of Andrea Cavaletto

    Andrea Cavaletto Screenplay

  15. Photo of Emanuele De Amicis

    Emanuele De Amicis Screenplay

  16. Photo of Edo Tagliavini

    Edo Tagliavini Cinematography, Director

  17. Photo of Valeria Di Pofi

    Valeria Di Pofi Cinematography

  18. Photo of Marco Diodà

    Marco Diodà Cinematography

  19. Photo of Mariano Aprea

    Mariano Aprea Cast

  20. Photo of Laura Gigante

    Laura Gigante Cast

  21. Photo of Giovanni Morassutti

    Giovanni Morassutti Cast

  22. Photo of Francesco Roder

    Francesco Roder Cast

  23. Photo of Ruth Morandini

    Ruth Morandini Cast

  24. Photo of Paolo Andreetta

    Paolo Andreetta Cast

  25. Photo of Elettra Gozzi

    Elettra Gozzi Cast

  26. Photo of Gerardo Lamattina

    Gerardo Lamattina Cast

  27. Photo of Marcello Moretti

    Marcello Moretti Cast

  28. Photo of Alessandro Garavini

    Alessandro Garavini Cast

  29. Photo of Francesco Chiatante

    Francesco Chiatante Editing

  30. Photo of Bruno Di Marcello

    Bruno Di Marcello Editing, Director

  31. Photo of Enrico Angelini

    Enrico Angelini Music

  32. Photo of Kristian Sensini

    Kristian Sensini Music