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  1. Photo of Angelo & Giuseppe Capasso

    Angelo & Giuseppe Capasso Director

  2. Photo of Donatello Della Pepa

    Donatello Della Pepa Director

  3. Photo of Edo Tagliavini

    Edo Tagliavini Director and Editing

  4. Photo of Alberto Viavattene

    Alberto Viavattene Director

  5. Photo of Nathan Nicholovitch

    Nathan Nicholovitch Director

  6. Photo of Domiziano Cristopharo

    Domiziano Cristopharo Director and Producer

  7. Photo of Remy Ginestet

    Remy Ginestet Director

  8. Photo of Giuliano Giacomelli

    Giuliano Giacomelli Director

  9. Photo of Andrea Cavaletto

    Andrea Cavaletto Screenplay

  10. Photo of Marina Kissopoulos

    Marina Kissopoulos Cinematography

  11. Photo of Dario Biancone

    Dario Biancone Cast

  12. Photo of Angelo Campus

    Angelo Campus Cast and Producer

  13. Photo of David D'Ingeo

    David D'Ingeo Cast

  14. Photo of Francesco Malcom

    Francesco Malcom Cast

  15. Photo of Manlio Maresca

    Manlio Maresca Cast

  16. Photo of Federico Conforti

    Federico Conforti Editing

  17. Photo of Sara Ardizzoni

    Sara Ardizzoni Music

  18. Photo of Kristian Sensini

    Kristian Sensini Music

  19. Photo of Angelo Capasso

    Angelo Capasso Producer

  20. Photo of Federico Giacinti

    Federico Giacinti Producer