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  1. Photo of Itsurô Kawasaki

    Itsurô Kawasaki Director

  2. Photo of Yukio Kuroda

    Yukio Kuroda Director

  3. Photo of Hideya Takahashi

    Hideya Takahashi Director

  4. Photo of Daiki Tomiyasu

    Daiki Tomiyasu Director

  5. Photo of Satoshi Tajiri

    Satoshi Tajiri Screenplay

  6. Photo of Mitsutaka Hirota

    Mitsutaka Hirota Screenplay

  7. Photo of Kuniaki Kasahara

    Kuniaki Kasahara Screenplay

  8. Photo of Junko Takeuchi

    Junko Takeuchi Cast

  9. Photo of Takuya Eguchi

    Takuya Eguchi Cast

  10. Photo of Lucien Dodge

    Lucien Dodge Cast

  11. Photo of Katsuji Mori

    Katsuji Mori Cast

  12. Photo of Kyle Hebert

    Kyle Hebert Cast

  13. Photo of Laura Post

    Laura Post Cast

  14. Photo of Kirk Thornton

    Kirk Thornton Cast

  15. Photo of Katsuaki Kamata

    Katsuaki Kamata Cinematography

  16. Photo of Hiroaki Hayama

    Hiroaki Hayama Music

  17. Photo of Toshio Miyagawa

    Toshio Miyagawa Producer

  18. Photo of Takeshi Nomoto

    Takeshi Nomoto Producer

  19. Photo of Shûkichi Kanda

    Shûkichi Kanda Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Taeko Hamauzu

    Taeko Hamauzu Editing

  21. Photo of Masahiro Matsumura

    Masahiro Matsumura Editing