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  1. Sol Petchorine's rating of the film Pola X

  2. ginobartolomi's rating of the film Pola X

    Doesn't quite pack the punch that Carax's earlier films do, but goes down swinging in its own right. The energy is there- it's darker, more restrained. Something like Haneke meets Lynch.

  3. Seesaw's rating of the film Pola X

    Cry of the mechanical generation.

  4. subtonal's rating of the film Pola X

    (3.9) a couple INCREDIBLE moments with Scott Walker's transcendent music, but overall kinda lost me

  5. Balthaz21's rating of the film Pola X

  6. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film Pola X

    Based on Herman Melville's story. Director Carax, who can be mesmerising when he is good, makes this film unbelievably trashy. Stay away. And surprise, surprise--for some unfathomable reason Carax deviates from Melville's ending where there are three suicides instead of one as chosen by Carax in the film. Even then it is a disaster of a film--Catherine Deneuve's time on the screen is the only saving grace.

  7. Fabiha's rating of the film Pola X

    "You dream of a mature world but your charm lies in your thorough immaturity! You dream of setting fire to God knows what, of rising above your times like a dazzling cloud, leaving everyone terrified and admiring. But you weren't born for that."

  8. Yumi Kaioh's rating of the film Pola X

    Estou aterrorizada, como pode um filme crescer assim dentro de uma pessoa?

  9. choupinet's rating of the film Pola X

    Another intriguing film by Carax. He keeps the audience captivated the entire time.

  10.'s rating of the film Pola X

    Our Daily Free Stream: Leos Carax - Pola X (engl. subt.). Les Carax gilt als Verrückter. Das sei dahingestellt, denn bräuchte man nicht einen zweiten Wahnsinnigen, um den ersten zu erkennen? Zumindest kenne ich als Videothekar der Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo die Kunden, welche gern Carax Filme leihen. Alle Filme, denn sein Werk ist für sie Religion. Carax geht leidenschaftlich und impulsiv an die Arbeit.(...)

  11. Raymond Likes Subtitles's rating of the film Pola X

    OVER.THE.TOP. I like Carax's first three films but this has all the same themes turned up to 11 to the point of absurdity. It takes it's self VERY seriously yet Deneuve's climatic bike ride is one of the campest things I've seen in cinema.

  12. Leo's rating of the film Pola X

  13. Jimmi HRS's rating of the film Pola X

    Carax is one of the bravest modern directors I have encountered. He is unconstrained by the usual conventions and not afraid to follow his vision. Pola X is no exception, psychologically straining and unabashedly offbeat.

  14. sabbi irimiás esaú alzate botero's rating of the film Pola X

  15. Minu's rating of the film Pola X

    To bad of its ambiguity which lays at the base of the whole story, inspired by Herman Melville's Pierre ou les Ambiguïtés, which only left a sensory impression to me. But one cannot remain cold when Katerina Golubeva appears on the canvas- la muse de la maladie.

  16. Joshuah's rating of the film Pola X

    It's far from not being entertaining, but still feels too bleak and depressing for its own good.

  17. Kamran's rating of the film Pola X

    A compelling descent into darkness and disfigurement (of identity). As provocative as it is impenetrable. Ambiguity as dramaturgy; a role rather than a fault. 82/100 - Great.

  18. Utlaningaar's rating of the film Pola X

    i tried, but i simply couldn't

  19. Martin Florio's rating of the film Pola X

    This film is SO BEAUTIFUL. I can't believed it recieved so many negative critics. It is strange, passionate, dark, mysterious, and at the same time delicate, pure... beautiful. I miss Carax a lot.

  20. Sneerwell's rating of the film Pola X

    The image is briliant in its subtlety and rusty otherworldliness, cannot deny it. Great many thanks to Éric Gautier. But the whole story radiates with pretentiosness so much I won't belive Carax himself could now rewatch it without facepalming every now and then.

  21. OSMOND's rating of the film Pola X

    ¿Cómo se dice ridículo en francés?

  22. Howard Orr's rating of the film Pola X

    A brilliantly foreboding first half, very reminiscent of Bunuel at his finest, gives way to a second half that in some ways merely elaborates on Pierre's downward spiral. But the final impression of the film is that of a twilight world as dreamt by Lynch and Pialat at their finest, submerged by destructive obsession, and it is one of the most frightening and oppressive things I can remember watching.

  23. Frankly, Mr. Shankly's rating of the film Pola X

    That was intense. The peculiar fact that the leading characters (Depardieu and Golubeva) are both dead now makes this film even weirder and darker.

  24. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Pola X

    "Je ne sais pas ... qui je suis." Pierre's every love is ambiguous; indeed, his life is nothing but his loves and their ambiguities, each of them charged and threatened by the rupture and instantly-receding rapture of the erotic. Carax gives us a blood-rushingly overripe rendition of Melville's maddening complex of identities in collision, a film about as faithful in its silliness as it is in its symphonic discord.

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