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Ratings & Reviews

  1. HKFanatic's rating of the film Police Story 2013

    Jackie Chan's 2012 effort "Chinese Zodiac" was dumb, but it was dumb in the same way as "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull": there were enough stupefying things occurring onscreen that you were at least entertained at all times. In comparison, "Police Story 2013" plays out like a "Die Hard" riff turned into a morose PSA. Did we really need a Jackie Chan movie as faceless and inept as any of the "Taken" sequels?

  2. Luka's rating of the film Police Story 2013

    All dialogue and mopey faces and no JC style spectacular action, goofy comedy and cringey romance which makes Police Story Police Story! I'd rather place blame on the WANDA-Mainland Chinese production influence than JC's age. Disappointing.