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  1. saitosouta's rating of the film Polustanok

  2. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Polustanok

    There's a very funny moment when a quarrelsome countryside granny who loves posing for painters because she's got an "interesnaya faktura" lol shows her reap of canvases to the new city guest. Serene figurative renderings she hangs on wall, while caching cubist, abstract and irreverent graphics away. Bitterness-lined fun permeated by historical silencing of Russian vanguards by the trash pit called Socialist Realism.

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Polustanok

    D'une indéniable fraîcheur, alliant une souriante légèreté et un savoureux art de vivre, cette dernière réalisation du grand Boris Barnet, avant son regrettable suicide, nous procure un extrême contentement et un indéniable élancement de nostalgie, devant tant de finesse et de délicatesse confondues...

  4. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Polustanok

    Hard to believe that this breezy little comedy is the work of a man at the end of his rope, but this is Barnet's last in a long career before his suicide. Like all the directors' works I've seen there's little plot, a galloping pace, and none of the villains or heroes so beloved of the regime. I imagine these films populated only by nice people might be excruciating for some folk, but I liked WHISTLE-STOP very much.