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  1. merzka's rating of the film Ponette

    Uncomfortable. Not the durable, rewarding type of uncomfortable. Plain miserable.

  2. Karbon's rating of the film Ponette

  3. El Biffo's rating of the film Ponette

    The way these little kids assimilate all the wacky theology inflicted on them is a microcosm. Strangely, many adults think it's a good idea to twist kids' minds up with these incomprehensible stories of heaven and hell. Ponette manages to find her own way of making some sense out of it. It's amazing to see such complex issues handled by such young actors (4-year olds!), maybe handled better than adults do.

  4. Lance L O T's rating of the film Ponette

    A wonderful performance by the actress and by the kids in general, but definitely a wonderful preparation by a director determined to address this issue even if at first it seems crude. The plot is not riveting but the work with the children and the place he got with them is a landmark. A must see film and research the production if you are working with children.

  5. Karen Callora's rating of the film Ponette

    Death and religion are difficult enough concepts for adults but to thrust them upon a 4 year old child and watch her battle to understand why her mother is dead is captured beautifully and thoughtfully. The ending threw me off a little bit though.

  6. Diogo Quintela's rating of the film Ponette

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  8. anakarenina's rating of the film Ponette

    beautifully emotional, victoire's performance is unbelievable.

  9. Kamran's rating of the film Ponette

    An incredible kid performance centers this endearing parable of childhood innocence, confusion, and obstinance 87/100 - Excellent.

  10. baba lola's rating of the film Ponette

  11. Ally the Manic Listmaker's rating of the film Ponette

  12. r.ribeiro's rating of the film Ponette

  13. Jack Leclair's rating of the film Ponette

  14. Robert W Peabody III's rating of the film Ponette

    Who wants to watch a four-year old act for 97 minutes? And yes, I looked it up - she was actually four-years old ! Unlike the young actors in “Treeless Mountain”, Victoire Thivisol had many lines to speak. Victoire Thivisol was the youngest ever to win Best Actress honors at the Venice Film Festival and that Best Actress award was well deserved.

  15. lazycalm's rating of the film Ponette

    Sometimes it’s boring, but mostly endearing. I don’t know how this 4-year-old Victoire Thivisol can manage to act so naturally as a sad melancholic child that learns to be happy. But she does. Watching an innocent child cries and says, “I want to die,” is not an enjoyable experience, eh? I guess I should cheer myself up with a cup of coffee and Hey Arnold the series :P.

  16. Yuki Aditya's rating of the film Ponette

    im getting impatient when watching a kid cries in a movie.

  17. The Art of B's rating of the film Ponette

    simple amazing and beautiful.

  18. Slowart's rating of the film Ponette

    it is a movie not only about spirituality and dealing with the loss, but also about getting lost in the everyday world of false theories and opinions, which might become dangerous especially at the age of ponette, the ending is a bit out of place, but victoire thivisol is worth all the credit she got for the role, simply incredible