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  1. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Ponyo

    While it may stumble here and there with its storytelling (especially that rushed finale), I mostly watched this film totally under its spell. Miyazaki manages to stir deep emotions out of simple concepts and images, the characters are all fascinating (each in their own way), the music is just epic, and it has some of the most stunningly beautiful hand-drawn animation I have ever seen.

  2. Andy King's rating of the film Ponyo

    Jeez, those fish babies are so creepy, but that's just me. Cute film, the true magic lies in the mundane - never thought two kids dipping honey into tea would make my eyes water, but that's what happened.

  3. Aulia Indry's rating of the film Ponyo

    I disappointed because the language used is English isn't the Japanese language that Miyazaki usually do. Maybe it's because of the fact that produced by Walt Disney studio. But Miyazaki's original is still very strong. Realistic Magic that I just realized is the style of narrative that Miyazaki used in almost every animated film made. The little plot but still no taste may be one of the miracles that Miyazaki made.

  4. luminous's rating of the film Ponyo

  5. Mar J's rating of the film Ponyo

  6. Speedy's rating of the film Ponyo

    This movie cures my depression for me. I’ve been watching it ever since I rented the DVD and it will always be my favorite.

  7. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Ponyo

    An unique Japanese take on "The Little Mermaid" story mixed with "Ride of the Valkyries" but with the mermaid/supernatural creature changed into a goldfish with a human head. It is pretty cute and refreshingly without any kind of villain characters or noisy scary moments even if there are a big storm and a lot of water putting characters into peril. A film with a heart as big and vast as the ocean.

  8. yuju's rating of the film Ponyo

    Loved it, my top Miyasaki film! I wanted to live in that town ever since I first watched it. Even started making the milk with honey hot brevage for cold days, such beautiful history.

  9. Ben Nash's rating of the film Ponyo

    Doesn't feel as streamlined as Miyazaki's other works.

  10. lidiishere's rating of the film Ponyo

    Miyazaki is da beeesssttt! kayak cerita Ariel the Mermaid yang ingin jadi manusia, cuma yang ini goldfish dan lebih unyuuukkk. Sosuke is lov!

  11. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Ponyo

    3.5 stars... maybe drifting up to 4 with the tides. Was the Ultimate Squidginess until the dreaded tsum tsum took its crown. When Eisenstein wrote on the pure placidity of form in Disney in 1941 he should have written about the Fleischers' output... but better still he would have stayed alive to witness 'Ponyo'. The gummy animus of life on wibbly, joyous display - not least when Ponyo transmogrifies in the tunnel. <3

  12. Jacob Bearchum's rating of the film Ponyo

    Somehow I had never seen this, but loved this little tale of empathy and self-determination. Miyazaki can do no wrong.

  13. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Ponyo

    Ponyo is adorable as hell and has a wildly creative premise that is a joy to watch from beginning to end. The only thing I can really knock it for is Ponyo herself being annoying whenever she opens her human/fish mouth

  14. stopyunn's rating of the film Ponyo

  15. sofiazelaya's rating of the film Ponyo

    cada segundo de esta película es precioso?!?!

  16. RisuSardonicus's rating of the film Ponyo

    "Oh my god it's a tsunami!" "Yayyyyy a tsunamiiii!" "Yayyyyy it's so funny, let's take a boat and sail through the flooded town!"

  17. Kreg's rating of the film Ponyo

    Definitely this studio's best visually speaking

  18. ermete polpette's rating of the film Ponyo

  19. ionosonde's rating of the film Ponyo

    the swelling earth pulls down satellites. amazing.

  20. Aditya Watts's rating of the film Ponyo

  21. choupinet's rating of the film Ponyo

    The song still gets stuck in my head from time to time.

  22. Bernardo_Rodrigues's rating of the film Ponyo

  23. Rocco's rating of the film Ponyo

    In my humble opinion, there's not a more enchanting, beautifully drawn film in Miyazaki's canon than this one. Though relatively light on drama and especially nonsensical (even by Ghibli standards) the heights of joy it reaches are second to none. From smaller human moments, to grand undersea vistas, every scene is packed with an intoxicating magic unlike any other. And it's all about the power of friendship!

  24. Karina O.'s rating of the film Ponyo

    This is the most pure movie I've seen, just before My Neighbor Totoro. It warmed my heart.

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