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  1. Photo of Bettina Blümner

    Bettina Blümner Director, Screenplay Cinematography

  2. Photo of Dagmar Mielke

    Dagmar Mielke Producer

  3. Photo of Ulle Schneider

    Ulle Schneider Producer

  4. Photo of Peter Schwartzkopff

    Peter Schwartzkopff Producer

  5. Photo of Katja Siegel

    Katja Siegel Producer

  6. Photo of Mathias Schöningh

    Mathias Schöningh Cinematography

  7. Photo of Inge Schneider

    Inge Schneider Editing

  8. Photo of Christian Lutz

    Christian Lutz Sound

  9. Photo of Klara Reinacher

    Klara Reinacher Cast

  10. Photo of Tanutscha Glowasz

    Tanutscha Glowasz Cast

  11. Photo of Mina Bowling

    Mina Bowling Cast

  12. Photo of George-Daniel Thelitz

    George-Daniel Thelitz Cast

  13. Photo of Sascha Reinacher

    Sascha Reinacher Cast