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  1. Photo of Frederic Goode

    Frederic Goode Director

  2. Photo of Roger Dunton

    Roger Dunton Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jimmy Savile

    Jimmy Savile Self

  4. Photo of The Beatles

    The Beatles Self

  5. Photo of The Animals

    The Animals Self

  6. Photo of Peter and Gordon

    Peter and Gordon Self

  7. Photo of Chris Farlowe

    Chris Farlowe Self

  8. Photo of Spencer Davis Group

    Spencer Davis Group Self

  9. Photo of Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas

    Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas Self

  10. Photo of Herman's Hermits

    Herman's Hermits Self

  11. Photo of The Honeycombs

    The Honeycombs Self

  12. Photo of The Nashvile Teens

    The Nashvile Teens Self

  13. Photo of The Syndicate of Sound

    The Syndicate of Sound Self

  14. Photo of The Four Pennies

    The Four Pennies Self

  15. Photo of Sounds Incorporated

    Sounds Incorporated Self

  16. Photo of Tommy Quickly

    Tommy Quickly Self

  17. Photo of Susan Maughan

    Susan Maughan Self

  18. Photo of Matt Munro

    Matt Munro Self

  19. Photo of Eric Burdon

    Eric Burdon Self

  20. Photo of John Lennon

    John Lennon Self

  21. Photo of Paul McCartney

    Paul McCartney Self

  22. Photo of George Harrison

    George Harrison Self

  23. Photo of Ringo Starr

    Ringo Starr Self

  24. Photo of Geoffrey Unsworth

    Geoffrey Unsworth Cinematography

  25. Photo of Joe Meek

    Joe Meek Music

  26. Photo of Harry Field

    Harry Field Producer

  27. Photo of Frederick Ives

    Frederick Ives Editing