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  1. Photo of Peter Clifton

    Peter Clifton Director

  2. Photo of Mick Jagger

    Mick Jagger Self

  3. Photo of Otis Redding

    Otis Redding Self

  4. Photo of Eric Burdon

    Eric Burdon Self

  5. Photo of Twiggy

    Twiggy Self

  6. Photo of Jimi Hendrix

    Jimi Hendrix Self

  7. Photo of Joe Cocker

    Joe Cocker Self

  8. Photo of Brian Wilson

    Brian Wilson Self

  9. Photo of Johnny Farnham

    Johnny Farnham Self

  10. Photo of The Beach Boys

    The Beach Boys Self

  11. Photo of The Animals

    The Animals Self

  12. Photo of Vanilla Fudge

    Vanilla Fudge Self

  13. Photo of The Bee Gees

    The Bee Gees Self

  14. Photo of The Rolling Stones

    The Rolling Stones Self

  15. Photo of The Small Faces

    The Small Faces Self

  16. Photo of Graham Lind

    Graham Lind Cinematography

  17. Photo of Richard Mordaunt

    Richard Mordaunt Cinematography

  18. Photo of Louis K. Sher

    Louis K. Sher Producer