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  1. Luís Silva's rating of the film Pope Joan

    It does not have the best construction but it still is a good movie to watch.

  2. spiderliliez's rating of the film Pope Joan

    It's one of those stories you hear, yet there is no solid proof that it was ever real. That actually makes it more intruiging. It was hard to swallow the story, as it seem so unreal when comparing it to what we have been accustomed to knowing. There are bits of the scenes that I would have wanted to cut, as they appear so generic, so cliché. It's a great character, portrayed well, but not done well.

  3. Sin título.'s rating of the film Pope Joan

    Una mujer y la lucha contra un régimen que sobaja a las mujeres a niveles de servidumbre además de privarlas de la iluminación del conocimiento. Buen producto cinematográfico que resulta fluido a pesar de su duración prolongada y de caer penosamente en reducciones a lo absurdo en algunas ocasiones. Rescatable.

  4. Renato Paráfra's rating of the film Pope Joan

    No es la mejor película basada en la edad media que haya visto, aunque definitivamente tampoco es la peor. No he leído el libro pero sí siento que hay varias cosas que debieron de haber sido un poco más o mejor explicadas. Buenas actuaciones. No me desagradó.

  5. Rocío En Ameca's rating of the film Pope Joan

    Bellísima. Contar una historia indignante requiere un esfuerzo mayor.

  6. lowplacelikehome's rating of the film Pope Joan

    I have to try a secular haircut sometime.

  7. Dzimas's rating of the film Pope Joan

    About all I can say for this ridiculous film is that it was well meaning. It followed the standard Hollywood biopic format (I suppose to lend the story credibility) but I lost it seeing a rotund John Goodman as Pope Sergius. The film had already stretched its limits of plausibility by this point, and devolved into camp from there onward.

  8. stormbird's rating of the film Pope Joan

    Sadly a disappointment compared to the book; beautifully filmed but very uneven. Really liked the actor who portrayed Aesculapius, and Johanna Wokalek and David Wenham are good; but just I felt her childhood and upbringing were depicted too fast (which I think should have been given more importance). Otherwise I agree with Amy's comment.

  9. Amy's rating of the film Pope Joan

    Highly telenovelesc, but still interesting to see alternate "historical" counts. Will make sure to check out The Papess Joanne by Rhoides on Dimitris recommendation. Wokalek has such a striking face in those close-ups.