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  1. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film Popeye

    Still is a funny one for an early Williams, but Altman should have gone back to what he had done during the 1970's.

  2. Ethan's rating of the film Popeye

    Robin Williams is brilliant as the title character and successfully brings this animated character to life. Shelley Duvall is also perfectly cast as Popeye's counterpart Olive Oyl. Altman brings this animated world to vibrant life in this enjoyable and entertaining film.

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Popeye

    Décidément Robert Altman nous étonnera toujours. Qu'est-il venu faire dans cette morne galère, sinon un dramatique naufrage ?

  4. Denis Zordan's rating of the film Popeye

  5. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Popeye

    So many 1 star ratings! I swear, sometimes you people have no heart. Yes, the very idea of making this movie—and hiring Altman for it—is absurd. But absurdity has its place. This belongs in any festival of flawed experiments at recreating the aesthetic of animation as live action. Altman's direction is rich with details, and you have to admire the chutzpah of taking a Star Wars-sized budget and making an anachronism.

  6. James Mackin's rating of the film Popeye

    I haven't seen this since a very young age, but it left one hell of an impression on me. And as a friend once told me, Shelley Duvall is amazing in it.

  7. Joe Zaydon's rating of the film Popeye

    Not nearly as bad it's made out to be.

  8. thay's rating of the film Popeye

    He needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs meeeeee...

  9. MostlyDead's rating of the film Popeye

  10. Maurizio Suppo's rating of the film Popeye

    i fuckin' love this movie!!!!

  11. T. J. Harman's rating of the film Popeye

    The acting, sets and atmosphere make a truly odd mix of naturalistic and cartoonish in reverence to its source material. I'm not a Williams fan but he has the mannerisms down but fleshed out a (comparatively) 3 dimensional character and Duval IS Olive Oil. Recalling Chaplin & Marx Bros in its humor, this is the most I've laughed recently at something that wouldn't offend my grandmother. One of Altman's best 80s.

  12. Christofer Pierson's rating of the film Popeye

    Could use another 100 years before consistent genius is found in it. It's grown on me a little. May be the only tolerable Williams performance since Mork. but it walks a line (as long as he stays on the Fleischman-derived side of it, rather than venturing on his own side).

  13. Algitya's rating of the film Popeye

    I'm pretty doubt of Altman's involvement here... :/

  14. Dale Wittig's rating of the film Popeye

    This film tends to be judged by the malicious press reports put out during its making rather than the sharp screenplay by Jules Feiffer, the wondrous songs by Harry Nilsson (and Van Dyke Parks' contributions to the score,) the choreography and generally perfect stylization of movement, the characters created by the ensemble (especially Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall,) and of course Altman's masterful direction.

  15. Kid Sisyphus's rating of the film Popeye

    Eat your heart out, David Lynch.

  16. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film Popeye

    Arguably Robert Altman's most watchable train wreck. Robin Williams & Shelley Duvall are PERFECT.

  17. RoseDarling's rating of the film Popeye

    Cluttered sets, plodding storyline, forgettable songs, unforgivably bad special effects. Sure, Shelly Duvall was born to play Olive Oyl, and yeah, Robin Williams puts in an endearing performance as the titular hero, but it’s not enough to save this clunker. Robert Altman tends to be hit or miss for me, and this was a definite miss.

  18. T.J. Royal's rating of the film Popeye

    Disappointingly downbeat music (and vibe) in the beginning, but this one recovers nicely from then on. I actually forgot that it was Robin Williams that I was watching playing Popeye. The sets and the details in the environment were incredible, especially the ship that they set sail on near the end. And this movie's got throwaway gag lines on par with most any of the Marx Brothers' movies. A fun time.

  19. House 0f Leaves's rating of the film Popeye

    One of my (few) favorite musicals.

  20. tasha 2202's rating of the film Popeye

    not like the popeye cartoon we use to watch...but i love it and so strange..

  21. Juurakkotukka's rating of the film Popeye

    Haunting. Thats pretty much all I can say. The athmosphere is so bizarre. And so it the sound design. Gotta love the set design.

  22. Koalacanth's rating of the film Popeye

  23. Hunter Duesing's rating of the film Popeye

    A truly bizarre and strangely underrated movie. It's easy to see why it didn't find an audience and it is a bit of a mess, but it's so much fun anyway.