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  1. Photo of Pedro Lazaga

    Pedro Lazaga Director

  2. Photo of Pedro Masó

    Pedro Masó Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Antonio Vich

    Antonio Vich Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fernando Fernán Gómez

    Fernando Fernán Gómez Cast

  5. Photo of José Luis López Vázquez

    José Luis López Vázquez Cast

  6. Photo of Juanjo Menéndez

    Juanjo Menéndez Cast

  7. Photo of Esperanza Roy

    Esperanza Roy Cast

  8. Photo of Rosanna Yanni

    Rosanna Yanni Cast

  9. Photo of Elsa Baeza

    Elsa Baeza Cast

  10. Photo of Mabel Karr

    Mabel Karr Cast

  11. Photo of Perla Cristal

    Perla Cristal Cast

  12. Photo of Doris Coll

    Doris Coll Cast

  13. Photo of María Luisa Ponte

    María Luisa Ponte Cast

  14. Photo of Antonio Mayans

    Antonio Mayans Cast

  15. Photo of Jesús Puente

    Jesús Puente Cast

  16. Photo of Beni Deus

    Beni Deus Cast

  17. Photo of Juan Mariné

    Juan Mariné Cinematography

  18. Photo of Antón García Abril

    Antón García Abril Music

  19. Photo of Léon Revuelta

    Léon Revuelta Production Design