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  1. Photo of Henri Decoin

    Henri Decoin Screenplay

  2. Photo of Nicolas Farkas

    Nicolas Farkas Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Pierre Frondaie

    Pierre Frondaie Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kurt Heuser

    Kurt Heuser Screenplay

  5. Photo of Hans Klaehr

    Hans Klaehr Screenplay

  6. Photo of Arnold Lipp

    Arnold Lipp Screenplay

  7. Photo of Otto Heller

    Otto Heller Cinematography

  8. Photo of Georg Krause

    Georg Krause Cinematography

  9. Photo of Jaroslav Tuzar

    Jaroslav Tuzar Cinematography

  10. Photo of Anton Walbrook

    Anton Walbrook Cast

  11. Photo of Karin Hardt

    Karin Hardt Cast

  12. Photo of René Deltgen

    René Deltgen Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Hartmann

    Paul Hartmann Cast

  14. Photo of Werner Pledath

    Werner Pledath Cast

  15. Photo of Ferdinand Classen

    Ferdinand Classen Cast

  16. Photo of Hugo Werner-Kahle

    Hugo Werner-Kahle Cast

  17. Photo of Fritz Klippel

    Fritz Klippel Cast

  18. Photo of Wilhelm König

    Wilhelm König Cast

  19. Photo of Karl Meixner

    Karl Meixner Cast

  20. Photo of Karl Morvilius

    Karl Morvilius Cast

  21. Photo of Erich Nadler

    Erich Nadler Cast

  22. Photo of Theodore Rocholl

    Theodore Rocholl Cast

  23. Photo of Youngling Tschang

    Youngling Tschang Cast

  24. Photo of Willi Volker

    Willi Volker Cast

  25. Photo of Carl Forcht

    Carl Forcht Editing

  26. Photo of Štěpán Kopecký

    Štěpán Kopecký Production Design

  27. Photo of Alexandre Lochakoff

    Alexandre Lochakoff Production Design

  28. Photo of Vladimir Meingard

    Vladimir Meingard Production Design

  29. Photo of Otakar Jeremiáš

    Otakar Jeremiáš Music