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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film Porto of My Childhood

    fosse possível abrir a cabeça e colocar os filmes do Mestre no interior, não estaria menos distante deles: é tortura, mas porque ninguém filma a lembrança como inerentemente incapturável, não assim. com a esposa a cantar fados por cima de projeções slide de fotografias antigas da casa onde nasceu, onde o pai morreu. o celulóide evita a segunda morte? ou vê-se uma coisa destas e o momento já se esvaiu: assim.

  2. yodh's rating of the film Porto of My Childhood

    The paradox of human self is that we are but the things we are aware of, yet we’re aware that we’ve been most ourselves exactly in the moments when, rising to higher levels of inner simplicity, we’ve lost self-awareness completely. The more intense an activity, the less conscious of itself it is. Such states don’t last. We are incurably dual and conscious. Trying to fix the moments of unity, to preserve and hold onto

  3. José Neves's rating of the film Porto of My Childhood

    Cinematography by Emmanuel Machuel.

  4. Karthik's rating of the film Porto of My Childhood

    That last almost Whitmannian (The Sleepers makes that same equation of oblivion, mother and sea!) montage of the sea where suddenly and uncannily, the yearned for nanny and her rhythms of lullaby, become the sea and the rhythms of the sea, & everything that was self-consciously nostalgic in the reconfiguring of memory is suddenly transmuted into something elemental and harsh, is nothing short of spectacular.

  5. Henrique Verkündigung's rating of the film Porto of My Childhood

    ' não temos sorte com as damas .. temos que ser filósofos' Delicado Porto pela memória do Mestre.