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  1. Photo of Constantin Popescu

    Constantin Popescu Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Liviu Marghidan

    Liviu Marghidan Cinematography

  3. Photo of Corina Stavilă

    Corina Stavilă Editing

  4. Photo of Mihai Bogos

    Mihai Bogos Sound

  5. Photo of Constantin Diţă

    Constantin Diţă Cast

  6. Photo of Alexandru Potocean

    Alexandru Potocean Cast

  7. Photo of Răzvan Vasilescu

    Răzvan Vasilescu Cast

  8. Photo of Mimi Brănescu

    Mimi Brănescu Cast

  9. Photo of Teodor Corban

    Teodor Corban Cast

  10. Photo of Mihai Constantin

    Mihai Constantin Cast

  11. Photo of Bogdan Dumitrache

    Bogdan Dumitrache Cast

  12. Photo of Dan Bordeianu

    Dan Bordeianu Cast

  13. Photo of Cătălin Babliuc

    Cătălin Babliuc Cast

  14. Photo of Constantin Lupescu

    Constantin Lupescu Cast

  15. Photo of Nicodim Ungureanu

    Nicodim Ungureanu Cast

  16. Photo of Ionuţ Caras

    Ionuţ Caras Cast

  17. Photo of Ion Bechet

    Ion Bechet Cast

  18. Photo of Vasile Calofir

    Vasile Calofir Cast

  19. Photo of Bogdan Dumitrescu (Dreyer)

    Bogdan Dumitrescu (Dreyer) Cast

  20. Photo of Alin Mihalache

    Alin Mihalache Cast

  21. Photo of Radu Iacoban

    Radu Iacoban Cast

  22. Photo of Dorian Bogută

    Dorian Bogută Cast

  23. Photo of Paul Ipate

    Paul Ipate Cast

  24. Photo of Andrei Mateiu

    Andrei Mateiu Cast

  25. Photo of Mircea Postelnicu

    Mircea Postelnicu Cast