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  1. Photo of Renzo Martinelli

    Renzo Martinelli Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Furio Scarpelli

    Furio Scarpelli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lorenzo Crespi

    Lorenzo Crespi Cast

  4. Photo of Lorenzo Flaherty

    Lorenzo Flaherty Cast

  5. Photo of Gastone Moschin

    Gastone Moschin Cast

  6. Photo of Gabriele Ferzetti

    Gabriele Ferzetti Cast

  7. Photo of Bruno Bilotta

    Bruno Bilotta Cast

  8. Photo of Massimo Bonetti

    Massimo Bonetti Cast

  9. Photo of Giulia Boschi

    Giulia Boschi Cast

  10. Photo of Salvatore Calacutra

    Salvatore Calacutra Cast

  11. Photo of Lino Capolicchio

    Lino Capolicchio Cast

  12. Photo of Gianni Cavina

    Gianni Cavina Cast

  13. Photo of Victor Cavallo

    Victor Cavallo Cast

  14. Photo of Flavio Colusso

    Flavio Colusso Music

  15. Photo of Andrea Faini

    Andrea Faini Production Design

  16. Photo of Christina Onori

    Christina Onori Production Design

  17. Photo of Bruno Altissimi

    Bruno Altissimi Producer

  18. Photo of Claudio Saraceni

    Claudio Saraceni Producer

  19. Photo of Elio Manni

    Elio Manni Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Osvaldo Bargero

    Osvaldo Bargero Editing

  21. Photo of Julian Clarke

    Julian Clarke Animation

  22. Photo of Raffaella Fantasia

    Raffaella Fantasia Costume Design