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  1. Photo of David Lai

    David Lai Director

  2. Photo of Johnny Mak

    Johnny Mak Producer

  3. Photo of John Au

    John Au Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Cinematography

  5. Photo of Lau Siu-Ming

    Lau Siu-Ming Cast

  6. Photo of Irene Wan

    Irene Wan Cast

  7. Photo of Chan Chi-Shui

    Chan Chi-Shui Cast

  8. Photo of Chan Dik-Hong

    Chan Dik-Hong Cast

  9. Photo of Chan Fung-bing

    Chan Fung-bing Cast

  10. Photo of John Chan

    John Chan Cast

  11. Photo of Chan Wai-yu

    Chan Wai-yu Cast

  12. Photo of Yee Chui

    Yee Chui Cast

  13. Photo of Yu Lung Hsiao

    Yu Lung Hsiao Cast

  14. Photo of Law Man-Hon

    Law Man-Hon Cast

  15. Photo of Wan Lee

    Wan Lee Cast

  16. Photo of Sham Ching-Mei

    Sham Ching-Mei Cast

  17. Photo of Hsin Shen

    Hsin Shen Cast

  18. Photo of San Tai

    San Tai Cast

  19. Photo of Kam Bo Wong

    Kam Bo Wong Cast

  20. Photo of Wong Yat-fei

    Wong Yat-fei Cast

  21. Photo of Chieh Kuang Wu

    Chieh Kuang Wu Cast