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  1. Photo of Sandra Gugliotta

    Sandra Gugliotta Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Pablo Fendrik

    Pablo Fendrik Screenplay

  3. Photo of Leopoldo Alonso

    Leopoldo Alonso Producer

  4. Photo of Silvina Chammah

    Silvina Chammah Producer

  5. Photo of Víctor Cruz

    Víctor Cruz Producer and Editing

  6. Photo of Juan Pablo Gugliotta

    Juan Pablo Gugliotta Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Gabriel Lavalle

    Gabriel Lavalle Producer

  8. Photo of Elena López

    Elena López Producer

  9. Photo of Sebastián Escofett

    Sebastián Escofett Music

  10. Photo of Lucio Bonelli

    Lucio Bonelli Cinematography

  11. Photo of Juan Pablo Dibitonto

    Juan Pablo Dibitonto Editing

  12. Photo of Vicente D'Elia

    Vicente D'Elia Sound

  13. Photo of Leandro de Loredo

    Leandro de Loredo Sound

  14. Photo of Ana Celentano

    Ana Celentano Cast

  15. Photo of Germán Palacios

    Germán Palacios Cast

  16. Photo of Marina Glezer

    Marina Glezer Cast

  17. Photo of Guillermo Arengo

    Guillermo Arengo Cast

  18. Photo of Natalia Oreiro

    Natalia Oreiro Cast

  19. Photo of Omar Núñez

    Omar Núñez Cast