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  1. SlavicaSkoric's rating of the film Post Grad

    i would love to give this one more than two stars but it just doesn't seem right. this is a watchable movie about post grad difficulties with an unconvincing ending and bledel whose acting style hasn't changed a bit since gilmore girls. highlights go to eccentric malby family fronted by keaton and reminiscent of beetlejuice when you stop and think about it (i wonder why). also, zach gilford is a pleasing discovery.

  2. treehouse's rating of the film Post Grad

  3. naive3's rating of the film Post Grad

    Another romcom telling us you need that significant other in order to be happy in life.

  4. Alice Tynan's rating of the film Post Grad

    Almost ruined my fond memories of Gilmore Girls. Plus, what on earth was Michael Keaton doing in this film?! And to add insult to injury, Jane Lynch was woefully underused.