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  1. Photo of Michael Stock

    Michael Stock Director, Music, Editing, Self & 2 more
    Michael Stock Director, Music, Editing, Self, Cinematography, Producer

  2. Photo of Margret Batholomé

    Margret Batholomé Self

  3. Photo of Matthias Frings

    Matthias Frings Self

  4. Photo of Anja Stock-Hüttl

    Anja Stock-Hüttl Self

  5. Photo of Christian Stock

    Christian Stock Self

  6. Photo of Roland Stock

    Roland Stock Self

  7. Photo of Carsten Hüttl

    Carsten Hüttl Self

  8. Photo of Thomas Blum

    Thomas Blum Self

  9. Photo of Rémi Kaltenbach

    Rémi Kaltenbach Self

  10. Photo of Antonio Lamarca Auer

    Antonio Lamarca Auer Self

  11. Photo of Guido Diek

    Guido Diek Cinematography

  12. Photo of Josef Tieks

    Josef Tieks Music

  13. Photo of Hubert Schäfer

    Hubert Schäfer Producer

  14. Photo of Robert Quante

    Robert Quante Editing

  15. Photo of Till Koistinen

    Till Koistinen Editing

  16. Photo of Celia Kamlah

    Celia Kamlah Sound