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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Postcard

    One of the great last films, made by a hundred year-old guy.

  2. Klaus Wiesmüller's rating of the film Postcard

    Shindo is such a towering figure in Japanese cinema! I admire his films and I wish I could make it to this year's Nippon Connection to see his supposedly last one on the big screen!

  3. Patapon's rating of the film Postcard

  4. Frank's rating of the film Postcard

    A wonderful ending to a magnificent career where Shindo even references some of his own earlier works. Again this film is about the ''little people'' in society who have no choice but to survive, and are willing to sacrifice anything and break any morals they may have had in that process. Also praise to brilliant composer Hayashi Hikaru who gave us the haunting Naked Island theme and died this year as well.

  5. Ng Yiu-Tsan's rating of the film Postcard

    "It is the festival today, but the air feels empty without your presence."