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  1. Photo of Monica Schmiedt

    Monica Schmiedt Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Afonso Coaracy

    Afonso Coaracy Producer

  3. Photo of Patrick Leblanc

    Patrick Leblanc Producer

  4. Photo of José Roberto Torero

    José Roberto Torero Screenplay

  5. Photo of Machado de Assis

    Machado de Assis Screenplay

  6. Photo of Pedro Farkas

    Pedro Farkas Cinematography

  7. Photo of Reginaldo Faria

    Reginaldo Faria Cast

  8. Photo of Marcos Caruso

    Marcos Caruso Cast

  9. Photo of Petronio Gontijo

    Petronio Gontijo Cast

  10. Photo of Stepan Nercessian

    Stepan Nercessian Cast

  11. Photo of Sônia Braga

    Sônia Braga Cast

  12. Photo of Otávio Muller

    Otávio Muller Cast

  13. Photo of Viétia Zangrandi

    Viétia Zangrandi Cast

  14. Photo of Debora Duboc

    Debora Duboc Cast

  15. Photo of Walmor Chagas

    Walmor Chagas Cast

  16. Photo of Nilda Spencer

    Nilda Spencer Cast

  17. Photo of Ana Abott

    Ana Abott Cast

  18. Photo of Manuca Almeida

    Manuca Almeida Cast

  19. Photo of Eduardo Amir

    Eduardo Amir Cast

  20. Photo of Thaís Balloni

    Thaís Balloni Cast

  21. Photo of Fátima Belo

    Fátima Belo Cast

  22. Photo of Carlos Betão

    Carlos Betão Cast

  23. Photo of Arlindo Bião

    Arlindo Bião Cast

  24. Photo of Margareth Braga

    Margareth Braga Cast

  25. Photo of José Carlos Carneiro

    José Carlos Carneiro Cast

  26. Photo of Newton Castro

    Newton Castro Cast

  27. Photo of Malu Cotrin

    Malu Cotrin Cast

  28. Photo of Henrique Cesar

    Henrique Cesar Cast

  29. Photo of Cristina Do Aido

    Cristina Do Aido Cast

  30. Photo of Priscila Fernandes

    Priscila Fernandes Cast

  31. Photo of Celso Júnior

    Celso Júnior Cast

  32. Photo of Gabriel Júnior

    Gabriel Júnior Cast

  33. Photo of Eliosvaldo Lima

    Eliosvaldo Lima Cast

  34. Photo of Silvana Martins

    Silvana Martins Cast

  35. Photo of Pietro Mario

    Pietro Mario Cast

  36. Photo of Maurício Ribeiro Nogueira de Lima

    Maurício Ribeiro Nogueira de Lima Cast

  37. Photo of Péricles Palmeira

    Péricles Palmeira Cast

  38. Photo of Wilson Pirote

    Wilson Pirote Cast

  39. Photo of Tião Ribas D'Avila

    Tião Ribas D'Avila Cast

  40. Photo of Joana Schnitman

    Joana Schnitman Cast

  41. Photo of Leonardo Serrano

    Leonardo Serrano Cast

  42. Photo of Alfredo Silva

    Alfredo Silva Cast

  43. Photo of Marco Antônio Torres

    Marco Antônio Torres Cast

  44. Photo of Milena Toscano

    Milena Toscano Cast

  45. Photo of Luiz Viana

    Luiz Viana Cast

  46. Photo of Clemente Viscaíno

    Clemente Viscaíno Cast

  47. Photo of André Klotzel

    André Klotzel Editing, Screenplay, Producer Director

  48. Photo of Beto Mainieri

    Beto Mainieri Production Design

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