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  1. Sevdamhmmd's rating of the film Powder Blue

  2. Maren's rating of the film Powder Blue

    super cheesy, the music is way too much, boring because of the predictable plot

  3. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Powder Blue

    Some passages are really good - e.g. the montage sequence around 80' - but the rest is so predictable and dull, with often unbearable dialogues and wishy-washy music as underscoring.

  4. ghsdtgsdhgsdasghd's rating of the film Powder Blue

    Eva mendes começa a trabalhar num clube de strip p'ra poder pagar a conta do hospital do seu filho que está em coma. Entretanto aparece um padre suicida, um travesti que se prostitui p'ra ter dinheiro p'ra operaçoes plásticas, e um moço que trabalha numa morgue e faz espectaculos de marionetas nos tempos livres. Mas isto é tudo palha, à beira da cena em que a

  5. a Smith's rating of the film Powder Blue

    Of course there are many films structured like this one, but this one steals too liberally from others (e.g., copying a scene almost verbatim from _Magnolia_, but with a twist!) This tries to deal with some serious (albeit conventional) topics--loss, despair, loneliness, regret, etc.--but provides such unconvincing characters that it is difficult to take seriously. Lisa Kudrow, however, is very good in this.

  6. Christopher Scott Zeidel's rating of the film Powder Blue

    Criminally underrated. The performances may be over the top to some, but they worked for me. I was not bothered by its hyperlink style (read the Wikipedia article on hyperlink cinema). The performances are quite powerful, and the writing is very good.