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  1. Photo of Filip Bajon

    Filip Bajon Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Andrzej Górny

    Andrzej Górny Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michał Żebrowski

    Michał Żebrowski Cast

  4. Photo of Tadeusz Szymków

    Tadeusz Szymków Cast

  5. Photo of Mateusz Hornung

    Mateusz Hornung Cast

  6. Photo of Arkadiusz Walkowiak

    Arkadiusz Walkowiak Cast

  7. Photo of Agata Kulesza

    Agata Kulesza Cast

  8. Photo of Bronisław Pawlik

    Bronisław Pawlik Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Więckiewicz

    Robert Więckiewicz Cast

  10. Photo of Olaf Lubaszenko

    Olaf Lubaszenko Cast

  11. Photo of Lukasz Kosmicki

    Lukasz Kosmicki Cinematography

  12. Photo of Michal Lorenc

    Michal Lorenc Music

  13. Photo of Przemyslaw Kowalski

    Przemyslaw Kowalski Production Design

  14. Photo of Anna Wunderlich

    Anna Wunderlich Production Design

  15. Photo of Wanda Zeman

    Wanda Zeman Editing