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Ratings & Reviews

  1. fleur de chair's rating of the film Prague

    The amount of gobbledygook I am willing to sit through just to gape slack-jawed at Mads Mikkelsen is becoming ridiculous.

  2. AVA's rating of the film Prague

    Guter Film.Ein hervorragender Mads Mikkelsen.

  3. nunjamoro's rating of the film Prague

    Sehr feinfühlig, sehr gut gespielt, sehr gute Absurditäten, manche Szenen leider nicht geglückt

  4. elif jazel's rating of the film Prague

    another amazing performance of Mikkelsen. liked the dilemma both characters were dealing with. but its not a strong story.

  5. p.omegranates's rating of the film Prague

  6. figenimo's rating of the film Prague

  7. Cafer Adıgüzel's rating of the film Prague

    ıt is not important what the actors act but how they act.

  8. Ciceros's rating of the film Prague

    Bir senaryoya bir oyunculuk ancak bu kadar yakışabilir. Teşekkürler Mads Mikkelsen.

  9. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film Prague

    although there is weak scenario, actors are making this film watchable.

  10. suede's rating of the film Prague

    Depressing, interesting, emotionally complex. Has the quality of a slow-burning nightmare. Exception: the priceless scenes with Mikkelsen and the Czech housekeeper. However, this film suffers from the weakness of its script. Too many plot holes and gratuitous absurdities (the hysterical scene in the Roma slum, the Czechs in the morgue, the coffin, etc.). A shame, given the potential. Nearly 7/10.

  11. riraru's rating of the film Prague

    Viele Stimmungen, an Duras-Erzählungen erinnernd, angenehm aufgelockert durch unaufdringliche Absurditäten. Unpassend und störend, weil erniedrigend und verächtlich machend fand ich allerdings die Wegwerf-Szene, in der wohl arme Leute die Sachen der Protagonisten aufklauben.

  12. Achim Grün's rating of the film Prague

    Very impressed. I found the mixed emotions of the main characters to be very believable. Anger and compassion take turns. But at some point a decision has to be made. And it should rather be made out of compassion.

  13. andreiradu's rating of the film Prague

    one other movie about how we would like to be in critical situations