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  1. Photo of André Faria

    André Faria Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of João Guerra

    João Guerra Producer

  3. Photo of Marcos Guimarães

    Marcos Guimarães Producer

  4. Photo of Luiz Augusto Sacchi

    Luiz Augusto Sacchi Producer

  5. Photo of José Celso Martinez Corrêa

    José Celso Martinez Corrêa Screenplay

  6. Photo of Sílvio Bastos

    Sílvio Bastos Cinematography

  7. Photo of Carlos Ebert

    Carlos Ebert Cinematography

  8. Photo of Soly R. Levy

    Soly R. Levy Cinematography

  9. Photo of Renato Borghi

    Renato Borghi Cast

  10. Photo of Carlos Gregório

    Carlos Gregório Cast

  11. Photo of Renato Dobal

    Renato Dobal Cast

  12. Photo of Paulo Augusto

    Paulo Augusto Cast

  13. Photo of Cao

    Cao Cast

  14. Photo of Zenaider Rios

    Zenaider Rios Cast

  15. Photo of João Ramiro Mello

    João Ramiro Mello Editing

  16. Photo of Lina Bo Bardi

    Lina Bo Bardi Production Design and Costume Design

  17. Photo of Luis Eduardo Aute

    Luis Eduardo Aute Music

  18. Photo of Roberto Carlos

    Roberto Carlos Music

  19. Photo of Guilherme Guimarães Vaz

    Guilherme Guimarães Vaz Music

  20. Photo of Daniel Violiati

    Daniel Violiati Music

  21. Photo of José Tavares

    José Tavares Sound