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  1. Photo of Gordon Hessler

    Gordon Hessler Director

  2. Photo of Sho Kosugi

    Sho Kosugi Cast

  3. Photo of James Booth

    James Booth Cast and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Donna Kei Benz

    Donna Kei Benz Cast

  5. Photo of Norman Burton

    Norman Burton Cast

  6. Photo of Kane Kosugi

    Kane Kosugi Cast

  7. Photo of Shane Kosugi

    Shane Kosugi Cast

  8. Photo of Matthew Faison

    Matthew Faison Cast

  9. Photo of Parley Baer

    Parley Baer Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Ito

    Robert Ito Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Constantine

    Michael Constantine Cast

  12. Photo of Alan Amiel

    Alan Amiel Cast

  13. Photo of Woody Watson

    Woody Watson Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Grueber

    Charles Grueber Cast

  15. Photo of Roy H. Wagner

    Roy H. Wagner Cinematography

  16. Photo of Thomas Chase

    Thomas Chase Music

  17. Photo of Steve Rucker

    Steve Rucker Music

  18. Photo of Don Van Atta

    Don Van Atta Producer

  19. Photo of Moshe Barkat

    Moshe Barkat Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Moshe Diamant

    Moshe Diamant Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Sunil R. Shah

    Sunil R. Shah Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Jeanne Van Cott

    Jeanne Van Cott Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Bill Butler

    Bill Butler Editing

  24. Photo of Stephen Butler

    Stephen Butler Editing

  25. Photo of Mark Berger

    Mark Berger Sound

  26. Photo of Gerald B. Wolfe

    Gerald B. Wolfe Sound