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  1. EdieEmm's rating of the film Prayer

    Maybe if the ambiguity was intentional, to stimulate contemplation/conversation... But no, benevolently-intentioned or not, his films - the few I've seen - leave me just slightly cold. There's something missing. Love, or any other passion. Smart & soulless. Still, beautiful imagery; evocative. And precisely devised montage lends itself cleverly (manipulatively?) to multiple interpretations. Hm. Maybe in context?*

  2. Blazer's rating of the film Prayer

    There is something remarkable in the simplicity of this piece that matches the sincere expressions on the faces of children as they pray. Rosenblatt really trusts the images to be able to awaken that all too often dormant part of us. And it works!

  3. DrFirestone's rating of the film Prayer

    3 minute long manifestation of American propaganda and xenophobia combined. If only could I travel back in time, I'd have rather spent the time looking out my window, which most likely would be more informative about the world that we live in, than this feature. Even within the context of 9/11 this seems quite vicious and plants seeds for more violence to unfold for those who can't take some distance. Uninspiring.

  4. Rizki Fachriansyah Aziz's rating of the film Prayer

  5. lou.'s rating of the film Prayer

    I looked like the toothless little girl at 1:05, once.

  6. mrnakar's rating of the film Prayer

    Really stop adding crap like that Mubi, shame on you for being such disrespectful with your customers. That piece of shit should not ever being considered a film in the catalog of people paying for your services, add decent stuff guys

  7. Kamran's rating of the film Prayer

    cinematic, but I'm guessing its power is lost out of context. Would like to see the full omnibus to better engage with this.

  8. Natacqk's rating of the film Prayer

    Faith and fear. Duck and cover. The parallel that is revealed in the last sequence with the dramatic music finale is breathtaking.

  9. dreamseed's rating of the film Prayer

    3.5. Rosenblatt takes Eisensteinian montage to the next level. Is he commenting or provoking? One can't be sure, but he triggers that associative nerve that trips rows and rows of dominoes.

  10. Étrange's rating of the film Prayer

    It's not the leveling between faiths that's the most powerful. It's the way the images are used to place the viewer in the unusual point of view of looking at the prayer. The director reveals the universal obsession that puts everyone on the edge of radicalism. The groups could be men facing a military leader. The Statue is there at the end to say that we are all dependent on the symbols that are given to us.

  11. FISCHER's rating of the film Prayer

  12. captainfez's rating of the film Prayer

    Stock Footage For Strings: The Short Film.

  13. Javier Toloza's rating of the film Prayer

  14. Ilya Zverev's rating of the film Prayer

    They are all bowing to nothing. Watching children do the rituals for some reason made me angry at religion.

  15. Cosma's rating of the film Prayer

    Clever syllogism.//Astuto sillogismo.

  16. guillermo's rating of the film Prayer

    Beautiful insights into the emotional aspects of religion. The core message seems to be that religion in the strong sense means respect, finitude acknowledged, and love. That´s ok, but it is also naive. Religion today -its corruption under the form of fundametalism in particular- is a about money and power, that is, politics. The emotional factors are interesting, but only a small piece of the phenomenon.

  17. LibertyCapz's rating of the film Prayer

    You ever see that video where some people place a giant mirror and a camera in the jungle to see how the wildlife would react to it's own reflection? Most of the animals felt frightened and threatened by the sight of themselves, and some even tried to attack the mirror. Seems to me like that't kind of what xenophobia is like. The irrational fear of what we see as foreign, even though we're all inherently the same.