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  1. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Precious

    2-3. As others have pointed out, it's really the performances that make this movie. The script is pretty messy, with the movie often feeling more like a series of disconnected emotional moments than a clear arc (why is Precious hungry enough to steal if her mom forces her to eat?). And especially in dramatic scenes, Daniels pushes too hard for visual impact (those slo-mo bits). But it is somewhat socially valuable.

  2. lidiishere's rating of the film Precious

    I remember crying a river watching this for my media class T.T

  3. Adam GR's rating of the film Precious

    Performances stand out: Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique, Paula Patton, Mariah Carey, Xosha Roquemore.

  4. soymilky's rating of the film Precious

    the editing choices and lens flare/camera filter are odd. it feels like this was the directors first movie, but it wasn't? also, it was hard to engage with the story because it doesn't seem like this much shit would happen to someone. like honestly.

  5. anacecil's rating of the film Precious

    Una maravilla de película !!! Una excelente actuación de la actriz que hace de Precious !!! Un retrato a la vida de los niños abusados sexualmente y maltratados por sus padres y la mirada indolente de los servicios Sociales.

  6. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Precious

    I accept that it sometimes borders on "misery porn" but it is very powerful and has a commanding performance by Mo'nique.

  7. At0msk's rating of the film Precious

  8. smndvdcl's rating of the film Precious

    A socialist classic through-and-through. It is a societal responsibility to reach out to the marginalised and oppressed. Many pupils live in an abusive context. A social worker's prerogative is to give a young person a way out of harrowing situations. Poverty inevitability induces crime. A great teacher has a pastoral 'no pupil left behind' ethos. Easy to say, hard to apply. A profound no-holds barred account.

  9. uenus's rating of the film Precious

  10. James Mackin's rating of the film Precious

    Mo'Nique earned that Oscar.

  11. Chivonne Astridge's rating of the film Precious

    Great movie but so heartbreaking i would never want to see it again

  12. ruth's rating of the film Precious

    On the surface, this could be a 'made-for-tv' social drama if it weren't for the amazing performances and the intense, powerful domestic-scenes. The grisly photography of food offers a visceral, visual metaphor for the impact of a traumatic environment.

  13. henryfrust's rating of the film Precious

    es tan cruda y bonita a la vez :(

  14. Sin título.'s rating of the film Precious

    Difícil relato de maltrato familiar que en numerosas ocasiones se ve reducido a representaciones caricaturescas de individuos inmersos en complicados ambientes de deterioro social. Otro producto cinematográfico más que busca lucrar con falsa lástima y pobres ideas de superación personal.

  15. Rennovatio's rating of the film Precious

    Precious es toda una cultura del madreado

  16. Raúl Silva Gómez's rating of the film Precious

    No se si llamarla un pedazo de naturalismo moderno o un drama materno del club de Oprah. Por un lado la crudeza extrema es suavizada por momentos reservados para llorar. Es esa dualidad la que me fascina del filme. Funciona, creo yo, porque llegamos a conocer a Precious como un ser humano y no como una pantalla de los males que invaden a la sociedad. No es pormo miseria, hombre. HL: bring back #sufrocomoprecious

  17. Lucii Lugo's rating of the film Precious

    Precious es una de esas películas que sólo se ven una vez en la vida. Mi experiencia con este filme es un poco desalentadora, ya que la premisa de la historia prometía estar llena de realismo y personajes muy humanos con una historia sólida, pero lo que encontré fue una soap opera llevada al extremo que se enfoca tanto en el drama que deja de lado la historia. Solamente es un drama excesivamente dramático.

  18. Paul Relf's rating of the film Precious

  19. Thomas's rating of the film Precious

    Heartbreaking and sympathetic story of genuine sadness, tragic. This one's a difficult watch.

  20. Jon Brooks's rating of the film Precious

    The acting is great. The film is not. I think the filmmaker is a pretentious lunatic.

  21. Kyle Knapp's rating of the film Precious

    Very, very well acted misery porn, but misery porn nonetheless. Mo'Nique is fantastic, as are Sidibe, Carey, and Patton, but the film is rambling past the point of episodic to being insanely disjointed, the moralizing is too easy, the optimism is forced and treacly, and Daniels' direction is amateurish, using gimmick upon gimmick as a poor substitute for true insight into Precious's psyche.

  22. Eric Ortiz García's rating of the film Precious

  23. Ryuu Baron's rating of the film Precious

    She is a fat black girl with no self respect, why she dont become and action female it would be way more worth watch it.

  24. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Precious

    This is a terrible, annoying movie. Lots of social drama clichés, a bad script with boring and often aimless dialogues, permanent doubling of action and voice from the off (why do I have do be informed of things I already see or hear from others on the screen?), and incoherent use of filmic techniques (like doing some exercises at film academy).

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