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  1. Venus Sands's rating of the film Precious

    Mo'Nique really surprised me with her performance in this movie... In agreement with Courtney, below, the Oprah shout out was obnoxious.

  2. Courtney Noël's rating of the film Precious

    I think this film was way too overrated. No wonder Oprah gave such good reviews of it - she helped produce it. So, of course there was a 10 minute scene that served to give her a shout out. I was definitely expecting a much better film...

  3. Brandon Isaacson's rating of the film Precious

    This film is not exploitative. Was Shakespeare exploitative? It's a tragedy, not a realist drama. Precious is a beautiful film that addresses important American problems that transcend race or situation. It's about our value as individuals in a vast world. This film poignantly stands up and says, you are Precious, and you deserve to be loved, no matter who you are or where you come from.

  4. akansas13's rating of the film Precious

    I heard that this film was so the scandalous stuff in the good way thanks to creation of director. So I wanna see this movie and see Mariah who shifts her performances.

  5. Simon's rating of the film Precious

    Saw this yesterday at London Film Festival, and it was absolutely brilliant, like a more accomplished and less flippant Todd Solondz film.

  6. Melissa Miranda's rating of the film Precious

    Wow. The 5 min standing ovation at Cannes premiere was well deserved. You can't know how good you had it growing up till you see this movie.

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