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  1. Photo of Jacob Tierney

    Jacob Tierney Director

  2. Photo of Robert Mitchell

    Robert Mitchell Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Raymond Fortier

    Raymond Fortier Executive Producer

  4. Photo of John Chui

    John Chui Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Dylan Thomas Collingwood

    Dylan Thomas Collingwood Producer

  6. Photo of Kevin Eastwood

    Kevin Eastwood Producer

  7. Photo of Danny Trejo

    Danny Trejo Cast

  8. Photo of Laura Harris

    Laura Harris Cast

  9. Photo of James Caan

    James Caan Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Campbell

    Paul Campbell Cast

  11. Photo of Sonja Bennett

    Sonja Bennett Screenplay and Cast

  12. Photo of Steve Cosens

    Steve Cosens Cinematography

  13. Photo of Brendan Woollard

    Brendan Woollard Editing

  14. Photo of Brian Lyster

    Brian Lyster Sound

  15. Photo of Miguel Nunes

    Miguel Nunes Sound

  16. Photo of James Jandrisch

    James Jandrisch Music

  17. Photo of Caitlin Byrnes

    Caitlin Byrnes Production Design