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  1. Photo of Frank Capra

    Frank Capra Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Anatole Litvak

    Anatole Litvak Director

  3. Photo of Julius J. Epstein

    Julius J. Epstein Screenplay

  4. Photo of Philip G. Epstein

    Philip G. Epstein Screenplay

  5. Photo of Robert Heller

    Robert Heller Screenplay

  6. Photo of Eric Knight

    Eric Knight Screenplay

  7. Photo of Anthony Veiller

    Anthony Veiller Screenplay

  8. Photo of Chiang Kai-Shek

    Chiang Kai-Shek Self

  9. Photo of Josef Goebbels

    Josef Goebbels Self

  10. Photo of Hermann Göring

    Hermann Göring Self

  11. Photo of Rudolf Hess

    Rudolf Hess Self

  12. Photo of Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler Self

  13. Photo of Benito Mussolini

    Benito Mussolini Self

  14. Photo of Haile Selassie

    Haile Selassie Self

  15. Photo of Heinrich Himmler

    Heinrich Himmler Self

  16. Photo of Walter Huston

    Walter Huston Self

  17. Photo of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt Self

  18. Photo of Robert J. Flaherty

    Robert J. Flaherty Cinematography

  19. Photo of Hugo Friedhofer

    Hugo Friedhofer Music

  20. Photo of Alfred Newman

    Alfred Newman Music

  21. Photo of William Hornbeck

    William Hornbeck Editing