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  1. Photo of Olaf Ittenbach

    Olaf Ittenbach Director, Producer, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Fidelis Atuma

    Fidelis Atuma Cast

  3. Photo of Anka Fabre

    Anka Fabre Cast

  4. Photo of Ingrid Fischer

    Ingrid Fischer Cast

  5. Photo of Heike Münstermann

    Heike Münstermann Cast

  6. Photo of A.G. Striedl

    A.G. Striedl Music

  7. Photo of Michael B. Müller

    Michael B. Müller Producer and Cinematography

  8. Photo of André Stryi

    André Stryi Producer

  9. Photo of Ulf Albert

    Ulf Albert Editing

  10. Photo of Doris Reiz

    Doris Reiz Costume Design