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Ratings & Reviews

  1. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film PressPausePlay

    Most documentaries about digital technology are terrible: shallow, one-sided, boring. This is not an exception.

  2. God_Schizo's rating of the film PressPausePlay

    A very interesting insight on how artists (in various fields) welcome and live the digital revolution, and how it kind of destroys the middlemen who built an industry out of culture since we can record/print sell it. Plus it has some beautiful moments in terms of music and images.

  3. Noslen's rating of the film PressPausePlay

    Que trabalho magnífico de documentação sobre a obra de arte na era digital. Este trabalho procura esclarecer o que se passa com a arte (música e cinema) no século onde as possibilidades da tecnologia atingiu níveis de produção quase globais. Ao longo do mesmo somos esclarecidos com aspetos positivos e outros negativos, mas uma coisa é certa: este é o início de uma nova forma de fazer arte.

  4. Marcelo Baldin's rating of the film PressPausePlay

    This is a very important documentary about what is going on with the art and culture and they way people interact with it these days. The production is superb. The artists invited were precise and also the whole development of the film. Not counting that there are snippets of projects that i've participated - which were a surprise for me!

  5. abrahamgbj's rating of the film PressPausePlay

    very well paced, it addresses many of the questions raised by the digital era in which we're living.